Juba Market & Cafe - Somali Restaurant

Location: John Eliot Square, Roxbury, MA

Juba Market & Café is a new African restaurant owned by Abdulkadir Hussein. As soon as I walked in, glanced to my right to see a tv screen with the confederate cup finals going on (Brazil vs Spain), I knew I was H.O.M.E

I wasted no time to start a conversation with my fellow football fans who were there to catch the game while enjoying some good African food.

Also spotted was a quiet nook with huge windows and a clear view of Eliot square. A perfect niche to take advantage of Juba Market & Café 's free wifi service and get some work done on your computer.

As for the menu, there was something for everyone from beef to lamb and vegetarian platters. I also appreciate that the restaurant had signage about gluten and allergies information. 
The price and portion size was appropriate and reasonable

I had an opportunity to speak with the owner and cannot wait to see his vision for expanding and renovating the restaurant come to life. I will definitely be coming back here, especially next year through out the Fifa World Cup season. Its never fun to watch the games alone at home. You gotta be out there, screaming alongside your couuntry men. No matter our football differences, they'll come a point where we'll all be rooting for the last standing african team in the tournament

(Mr Hussein  - owner of Juba Market & Cafe )

Abdulkadir Hussein is also the Founder and CEO of ACEDONE (African Community Economic Developement of New England).

You can learn more about the organisation at www.acedone.org

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