Guest Post : Workouts for Wanderers- Combining Fitness and Travel

Workouts for Wanderers- Combining Fitness and Travel

Maintaining fitness habits while traveling can be tricky. But neglecting your workouts altogether is a bad idea. That's because, after an extended break from exercising, it's often tough to resume the routine. And if you travel frequently for business, skipping workouts each time you're on the road wreaks havoc on your attempts to stay in shape. To ensure that you are able to exercise while traveling, then, plan ahead carefully. Make reservations at hotels with extensive selections of fitness equipment, and gyms with business hours that you find accommodating. If you're a runner, only book rooms at properties near running trails. Carefully craft your itinerary to allow ample time for fitness, too. Further, whenever you're on vacation, cram in calorie-burning activities like hiking, swimming, and mountain climbing.

One of the more important ways to stay fit while traveling is to make sure to do some research before booking a hotel. On a recent trip to Maui I was able to book a hotel that had a 24-hour gym by first using a website called Gogobot in order to do my research. Here I was given a list of Maui hotels and I could see which ones had the right gym equipment and hours for me. This way I was able to spend all of my days on the beach and could workout early in the morning.

Fortunately, hotel room workouts are easy if you bring with you a resistance band or a TRX kit. A TRX kit is like a more elaborate resistance band, and you must attach it to a door. Also bring your favorite exercise DVDs, or if you'd rather, watch online fitness videos on a media-playing device while you work out. And don't forget a foldable yoga mat for crunches, planks, and push-ups

Believe it or not, you can actually exercise at some airports nowadays. For instance, San Francisco International Airport (SFO) has opened a fitness room called the "Zen Room." Here you'll find plenty of yoga mats, and no shoes or phones are permitted. So the next time you're just hanging around an airport, inquire if it has a similar room. If not, it might in the near future, as it is easy to envision the airport fitness room becoming a trend. After all, SFO's Zen Room makes productive those hours that would otherwise be spent waiting around, and it helps fliers unwind and relax.

Speaking of relaxation, finding ways of beating travel-related stress is likewise an important fitness goal, as stress often leads to lost sleep and binge eating. To combat stress, always dress comfortably and always employ positive thinking. Imagine each trip you take as an exciting excursion, an adventure, and count your blessings along the way. Practice slow, deep breathing whenever you feel taxed; stretch your legs routinely and drink plenty of water. Pass time by reading or getting massages. And, to reiterate, nothing soothes nerves and improves moods like a full-body workout.   


Mapetiteniche is happy to introduce Mike Manning of Manning's Musings as a guest writer. Mike is a fellow fitness and healthy living advocate.

Body Image

I like that there seem to be a new trend of more people trying to get fit.

I don't know if its a temporal trend because of summer vacations, beach, weddings, reunions and etc.

Whatever the case, couple with this new trend is another new trend of heavily false fitness advice and standards.
So many people think to be fit and healthy = having a 6 pack or being a size 0 

And even worst are those who look up to the photo shopped images of celebrities and models on fitness magazines, as their golden standard.

Free Summer Fitness Classes - BOSTON MOVES FOR HEALTH

This Summer, the City of Boston in partnerships with
 the Red Sox Foundation, Partners Health Care, Growing Up Healthy from the 
Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation, Blue Cross Blue Shields
 of Massachusetts and Boston Public Health
 Commission ;

will be offering free fitness classes in the city through August 2013.

The program is called Boston Moves for Health

Here is the link to the complete schedule

and Here is the link to the community Calender that lists all the activities

You can follow them on Twitter @HealthyBoston and tweet about them at #BostonMoves

I plan on attending as many of these classes as much as my work

 schedule will allow me to. I'm not one to let a good opportunity go 

to waste.

If you are going to be attending any of the classes and want to go

 with someone, tweet me @mapetiteniche or send me an email at and we can plan on going together.

Lets Get Fit this Summer!
Healthy is the goal but it doesn't hurt to look good too ^_^ am I right or am I right?

USA Independence Day 2013 Holiday Chronicles

 As my 4 days vacation winds down, I'm relaxed and in an over all good mood. I'm also content with the decision to load my planner with things to do over those 4 days. I cannot stress the importance of making time for YOU. 
To Live
To Explore
To Learn
To mingle with other fellow Humans.
What strange creatures we are  ^_^

This post gives a little glimpse into how I spent my vacation

Spent July 4th at the beach with friends and family

Watched the Fire Works (p.s. raw footage + amateur videographer. Keyword is snipet. The fireworks went on for a long time )

Midnight conversations with a good friend

Watched Afro Pop band Kina Zoré perform at Middle East. Check them out, they are pretty good. I'll be writing an article about them for the Africans In Boston newsletter so keep an eye out for that.

 Here is a sample of their music

Attended Boston's African Festival where I met some lovely entrepreneurs. I will be doing individual blog posts on the vendors who piqued my interest.

And danced the Saturday night away at Club Royale.
I hope you all had a good break and are looking forward to the new week.

Juba Market & Cafe - Somali Restaurant

Location: John Eliot Square, Roxbury, MA

Juba Market & Café is a new African restaurant owned by Abdulkadir Hussein. As soon as I walked in, glanced to my right to see a tv screen with the confederate cup finals going on (Brazil vs Spain), I knew I was H.O.M.E

I wasted no time to start a conversation with my fellow football fans who were there to catch the game while enjoying some good African food.

Also spotted was a quiet nook with huge windows and a clear view of Eliot square. A perfect niche to take advantage of Juba Market & Café 's free wifi service and get some work done on your computer.

As for the menu, there was something for everyone from beef to lamb and vegetarian platters. I also appreciate that the restaurant had signage about gluten and allergies information. 
The price and portion size was appropriate and reasonable

I had an opportunity to speak with the owner and cannot wait to see his vision for expanding and renovating the restaurant come to life. I will definitely be coming back here, especially next year through out the Fifa World Cup season. Its never fun to watch the games alone at home. You gotta be out there, screaming alongside your couuntry men. No matter our football differences, they'll come a point where we'll all be rooting for the last standing african team in the tournament

(Mr Hussein  - owner of Juba Market & Cafe )

Abdulkadir Hussein is also the Founder and CEO of ACEDONE (African Community Economic Developement of New England).

You can learn more about the organisation at

Milestone POD - Track your Running Shoe's lifetime

When my phone's running app started acting up, it was time to shop around for a new method of logging my miles.

I also decided that perhaps it was time to buy a gps garmin watch. The problem with that thought process is, Garmin gps watches are not generally cheap. During my research, I came across Milestone POD, a sensor device that logs in miles for your running shoes. Allowing the athlete to know when you change your shoes to avoid injury.

Here is what the website says about the product;

Passively track the mileage on your running shoes so they can be 

replaced at the correct mileage; not too soon (wasting valuable 

tread) and not too late (potentially causing injury).


Even though the idea is to log in your miles so you know when to change your running shoes, it can be used as a fitness gadget to record miles ran.

For the price of $15, it seems to have more advantages than short comings. The projected date of release for the Milestone into retail outlets is September 2013. For the moment, one can pre-order the product from their website . I'm looking forward to purchasing and trying this device in the future.

The device has many specifics but here are some notable ones that drew my interest.

- It cheap $

- It has a USB drive that allows you to connect it to a computer and in put your medical and health history. Which will become very useful to an emergency team in case you get hurt while running.

- You can input a target mile goal or you can just let it log your miles.

- Because its lightweight, water resistant and clips on your shoe lace, you can leave it on the shoes. That reduces the chances of forgetting to take it with you on a run.

The only short coming that comes to mind at the moment, is that the device doesn't seem to have a gps tracker . In the sense that you cannot get a map of your running trail and etc.

I look forward to trying out this device to see if it lives up to the hype, or if I need to start saving for a garmin watch.

Joga Bonito - African woman becomes YouTube hit with freestyle football skills

Am a huge supporter of anything that sheds more light to the talents of female soccer players and female athletes in general. It seems not matter how good our skills, we always live in the shadow of our male counter parts.

I don't know if she  is a Good soccer player but I DO KNOW, you don't learn the skills she is performing over night. It t takes time, practice and consistency


July 2013 Instagram Exercise Challenges

We are officially half way through the year!

Here are some instagram exercise challenges to help you stay on track with your resolutions or to give you alternate ideas to your current routines

Even if it doesn't seem like your cup of tea, I implore you to at least try it for a day, a weekend, maybe even  a week?

The worst that can happen is that you love it and do the challenge for the month.


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