Travelling through Central Africa from Cameroon January 2014 Changes

As an avid traveler, I love it when countries/continents try to make travelling easier for tourists and citizens. The countries of central Africa/ CEEAC / Communaut√© des √Čtats de l’Afrique Centrale 

1. Angola
5. Congo - DRC
6. Central Africa Republic
8. Equatorial Guinea
10. Sao Tome and Principe
11. Tchad

have decide to come up with a solution to ease travel through  middle Africa especially by members of that zone.

6 of them (highlighted in Red on the list) already share a currency
 called the CFA so this comes as no surprise to me.

 Actually its overdue in my opinion.

From my understanding, as of January 1st 2014, you can travel within central Africa without a VISA/Passport IF
You have a national I.D stating proof of citizenship within  the countries of CEEAC

Again, am not clear on what kind of standard identification travelers will require because there are various options offered by the different countries involved

In the future, they plan on having a unilateral Central Africa Passport for CEEAC citezens

This is also a good strategic business move. Hopefully in the future we will experience growth in the economies of these countries due to this new ease of travel and accessibility.

Also, there have been talks, since 2012? and perhaps earlier about a CEEAC airline. Since most of the countries seem to be having a hard time running an airline program, I guess it will be better if its a collective effort?

Sources ****In French**** JournalduGabon  and AfricaInfo

Note: I'm still trying to find out the specific*requirements so the information on this post may change accordingly. A lot of the logistics have not been ironed out and presented to the public.

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