Drinking Coffee before Working Out

I love coffee.

I can't exactly remember when this love affair started but I first fell in love with Nescafe. It's still my number one concubine. But over the years, I have acquired many other lovers like the Kenya and Ethiopian teas and Starbucks.

When I started seeing more articles come out about drinking coffee before working out, I had to investigate.

I Love Coffee. I love Fitness. And its easy to see how I will be in favor of this union but I've never been one to taking the "short" route or cutting corners to achieve a goal. I understand very well the price we must all pay for trying to find short term gratifying solutions to long term problems.

So I was concerned. Is it really O.K to drink coffee before working out?

- Caffeine blocks your sensation to pain and fatigue. You will feel tired later into your workout instead of earlier

- As a stimulant, Caffeine allows you to be more alert and increases your heart beat.

 Mapetiteniche commentary : In a way this makes sense because if you read the label of some "energy boosting" pre-workout pills in the market, they are laced with high dosages of caffeine.
The trick is to drink it black = NO SUGAR

- The side effects of having excess caffeine in your system include  headaches, dehydration, excessive palpitation of the heart which can lead to heart failure, tremors. Additional side effects may be based on your individual medical history.

In conclusion, drinking black coffee is better than getting your caffeine fix from energy drinks which are also laced with high dosages of Sugar or performance pills which have an alarming high dosage of caffeine.


Will I start a new routine of drinking coffee before working out?


I drink coffee to help me get alert to start my day. I don't need to schedule in an additional cup for the purposes of working out. Keep in mind as with any drugs, once your body becomes adjusted to a certain dosage of caffeine, it stops functioning as a stimulant.

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