Dealing with Sore Feet

In addition to everything I'm currently doing, I started a new side job that involves a lot of standing and lifting. The resulting effect is me coming home at the end of every long day...lately..with sore and tired feet.

Typically when am sore from a workout, I rest and stretch it out. I also do a light workout the next day such as speed walking or jogging to get blood circulating in the tight muscles. This post is not about sore whole body muscles from a work out but just specifically about the feet. 

Here is my end of day routine 

1. Soak my feet in a bucket of warm water and salts for about 20 -30mins.

2. Make sure I have everything within reach from food, tv remote control , cellphone, computer and get the point...then elevate my feet above heart level for the rest of the night. I make a conscious effort not to be in a standing position till the next day.

3. Morning Yoga and other stretching exercises before work helps me stretch up tight muscles including those of the leg and feet

Other Options.

  • Having regular foot massages at the spa. (I've only been to the foot spa once in my life)

  • Having a Ice and Hot foot bath. Alternating between hot and cold for about 2 - 3 minute

  • Purchasing cushioning insoles/inserts for your shoes. Also the ideal time to buy work shoes is at the end of your work day when your feet are at their largest* size

  • Take more than one pair of shoes to work and rotate them every 3 hours or so

  • Weight management. For some, feet pain is associated not just with long hours standing but their body weight.

 I recommend making an effort to stay away from pain killers/pills because they are temporary solutions to the problem and do not address the issue, which is a change in habit, gears (shoes) and routine.

Hopefully over time my feet with get adjusted to my new schedule.


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