June 18, 2013

6 MONTHS UPDATE Fitness Goals for 2013

Sometime in January, I made a silent resolution not to step foot into a gym for the whole year. I say silent because unlike my other goals which where written down in a  journal, at the beginning it was just a thought that crossed my mind.

The idea stemmed from an effort to cut back on spending and save $$$. I decided that with a more than above average experience in exercise and fitness, I was capable of coming up with workout routines that do not require a gym membership. When it comes to fitness, my goals have always been more about maintaining and sculpturing the body (thunder thighs!!!) I have now. As long as I wasn't gaining "fat weight", I was ok.

And I can say that after 5+ almost 6 months = 1/2 way through the year of doing just that, I am very happy with that decision. I do think that gym memberships are great for people who a new* to the world of fitness or for those looking for special amenities such as a swimming pool.

Running during winter at the beginning of the year was wonderful because the environment cooled your body as it got hot from exercise. Signing up and training for a half marathon was a way to stay motivated and have a goal to look forward to.Doing yoga and many other plyometrics exercises in tree shades during this current spring/summer heat is great for staying away from being sun burned.

Joining the instagram fitness community online has been great because  it serves as a vehicle for motivation, inspirations and a place to get ideas to spice up your home gym routines.

As much as  I get tempted every time I walk by a YMCA or any other gym facility. I will continue to train and exercise out side of those facilities till December. That is my goal. After that, I may return to the gym because I will need access of some of their equipments to attend some of my future fitness goals. Until then, I will keep visiting different parks and finding new places for outdoor works outs in Boston.

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