May 8, 2013

Tabura - African Dance Fitness Workout

"Tabura, a high-energy class that pairs West African dance

 moves with military-style punching, jabbing and kick-

boxing drills, is one of the newer hybrids "

_ TimesofMalta

I have been wondering why with the likes of ZUMBA and 

etc...why someone had not come up with a fitness video 

inspired by Makossa, Coupe decale, Azonto etc?

For a while, every time I will attend a "cultural event" with 

"West African dance" performers, I never recognized what

 they were dancing. And being from west Africa, I know 

what to look for.

Am not saying they are "wrong" because I havent lived in 

all the western countries in Africa, nor am I familiar with all

 their traditional dances. However, I feel like if the

 performers cannot even incorporate the well known cross

 borders dances like makossa, azonto, coupe decale, then

 they didnt do their research.

And after asking around I always come to 3 realizations

1. They are no Africans on the said "dance team"

2. The dancers and affiliates are basing their knowledge on 

the dances performed by the slaves here in America.

3. They studied or are interested in "African Studies" but 

have actually never been to the continent. And most of 

their information is based on material from the 70s, 80s 

and OLDER, instead of present day africa.


Okay, now that am off my soap box, lets go back to talking about the fitness components of this new workout routine.

The pop-up fitness company behind Tabura is called KIWISWEAT.

They are a fitness business based out of New York. However, am pretty sure this new dance will become popular and start having classes in other major US cities.

The components seem to be :

1. High Intensity Cardio
2. Plyometrics
3. West African Dance Drums

If you are looking to try something new, to spice up your routine or take a class that is "fun" but you also get a workout at the end of the day, this seems to be a great option based on what I saw on the Youtube video

I  think people who like any form of dance classes like Zumba or plyometric/dance fitness routines like InsanityFitness  will enjoy this program. I wish they had a class in Boston so I could try it out. But since am always in New York, perhaps I can squeeze in a visit to their studio. If that happens in the future, I will blog about it so you know my first person POV of the experience.

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