April 3, 2013

Sports Injuries: A Parent's worst Nightmare : Kevin Ware

For those of who haven't heard the story YET [what planet do you live on ? :) ] Kevin Ware is a college basketball player who recently broke his right leg in the middle of the NCAA march madness 2013 tournament. His team went on to win the game

He has already undergone surgery and I wish him a full recovery.

This story brought back memories from my college soccer days. I'm very thankful to have graduated without any major injuries or surgeries. This was not the case for many of my team mates. Some, who had plans of going pro where left with career altering injuries.

I cannot stress the importance of having a PLAN B. During college and even now, I run into student athletes who want to become professionals in their sports. There is nothing wrong with that, except when you put all your eggs in one basket. In my college experience, I saw some of these players not care about their education. Not taking into consideration how easy it is to have a career ending injury.

And EVEN when you DO GO PRO.
What is the "Life Expectancy" of a professional Athlete?
I know it varies by sport.....but still....
Because it is a physically demanding job, you have to retire earlier than most professions.

What Happens  Next? If you didn't get an education or make smart investments with your earnings, you end up being one of the many sports/entertainment celebrities we hear about, out of work and filing for bankruptcy.

My take away lesson from this unfortunate incident is to not take anything for granted. Enjoy whatever you have going on but do not become complacent to think things cannot change. I hope Kevin doesn't think that life is over because of this injury. He seems like a young man with a lot of potentials and I wish him all the best in his future endeavors [not ruling out BB :) ]

Failure to prepare is preparing to Fail

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