Cassey Ho : BLOGILATES, the Thunder Thighs killer

This is Cassey Ho. She's a Pilates instructor and fitness expert. She also has a YOUTUBE channel with posts about different exercise routines. Her routines are FUN and like she says it, they will KILL KILL KILL your body. Definitely check her out. She is my first option on a bad weather day when I have to workout indoor. 

One of the fun things she's known for is creating exercise routines around popular pop culture musics. Its a segment on her YouTube channel called POP PILATES

You get to listen to your favourite guilty pleasures...justin bibier anyone?.....while working out.

Another reason I love doing her workouts is her energy. She is always SO EXCITED it feels like some of it oozes out of my Samsung notepad. Her exuberance is my alternative to an espresso shot after a long day.
Lastly, as you all know by now, I try to post workouts that require VERY minimum equipment and can be done at home. All of her videos can be performed at home. They are Pilates and yoga infused = free body weight Exercises.

Here are some of her routines


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