March 21, 2013

Summer Bodies are Made in...Part 2

Summer Bodies are Made in Winter  SPRING.....


I typically never do any exercises that mainly target the back muscles. Sometimes one of my exercise routines may involve muscles of the back but not because it was a conscious decision on my part. I'm trying to change that mentality and incoorperate more exercise strictly focused on the back muscles.

Why Exercise/Strengthen the Shoulder/Back Muscles?

- They are important components of our gait and posture 

- They contribute in stabilizing our spine 

- They are part of the core muscle groups responsible for good balance and stability

Right Angle Press
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Inverted Shoulder Press 

 Military Press

- You can use 2 free-weights or a bar or kettle bells or any carry able house hold items of similar weight like 2 jugs of water etc

-  You can also use a jump rope

Image from Rubberbanditz

Image from MikeMahler

Pull Ups / Chin Ups

- You can buy one of these home gym pullups device to place on a door at home

- Or you can head over to your neighborhood playground and use the monkey bars for the same purpose

- Or if you have access to trees, find one with a sturdy branch and use it .

Image from Defyyourlimitations

Image from SELF


- The basic bridge pose is performed with both feet on the floor. To challenge yourself, lift one leg up.

Image from MensHealth

Image from FunFitFash

Lower Back Flies

 Image fromWHF

Image from Blairsburgmacfit

Bird Dog

Exercises / Stretches for LOWER BACK PAIN

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