March 8, 2013

Journée internationale de la femme / International Women's Day 2013

HAPPY International Women's Day!

This day is not just a celebration of women but a celebration of the human race because without women, our specie will be in extinction. I was inspired by the many articles and features recently published surrounding this day to make a post on inspirational women in the exercise/fitness/medicine industry.

May I start off by saying, there are many in all industries all over the world who are doing amazing things. I celebrate them all. I choose these 2 because of their work in the fitness/exercise sector and the uniqueness of the circumstances under which they work.

  Caster Semenya of South African who’s controversial gender testing ordeal shed more media exposure on the issue of  transgender athletes in the world of sports competitions. What differentiates if they are eligible to compete as men or women? Athletics organisations, have been doing gender testing. But I believe her case during the 2012 London Olympics brought the issue to the forefront of the industry and the general public who were uneducated on the topic.

Anowa Adjah

 Nick named The Nigerian Power House. She is a fitness model, recent mother(2012) of twins and a fitness trainer.
I am inspired by her story and journey. She is a great example that fitness is not defined by you're body shape.

One of the biggest FALSE fitness/exercise myth is
 Skinny = Healthy
Skinny = Fit

We all know a lot of skinny people who cannot walk up a flight of stairs without acting like an asthmatic sans inhaler.

Her body and incredible strength reminds me of another power house, SERENA WILLIAMS.

PREVENTION MAGAZINE challenges all women to write down 5 things they love about their body in celebration of International Women's day. It sounds simple and childish. But we all know how hard women judge their bodies in an attempt to meet society's standards of beauty. I will be doing the challenge and am ask YOU , mes amis to join me.


  1. I love this post. For me I would to remain the current size I am. I don't want bigger thighs and *ass
    But it's not easy to maintain that body. I exercise quite regularly and I try to control my food intake. People see my "built" arms and they think I am fit when I can't even do one PUSH UP! lol

  2. @Dibson, thanks for the honesty. I think thats her genetic makeup? Am a thick girl too and i've been playing sports all my life. She is just an example of thick + fit...versus the new trend where people try to be "POLITICALLY CORRECT" and say things like "women with curves" when someone is plain FAT*. We need to stop sugar coating or trying to be politically correct and call it like it is. You either spare the rod and spoil the child or vice versa.


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