CHINUA ACHEBE - Trail Blazer of African Literature

Africa and the world of English literature lost a great writer here in Boston (Brown University). Professor Chinua Achebe 1930 - 2013 .

Photo Credit : The Boston Globe

Photo Credit: Aljazeera

As an avid reader, I grew up reading books from all over the world. Everything from Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys, Agatha Christie, Sherlock Holmes, Jane Eye and etc. But as a young african girl, I could never relate to the stories. His books were the first ones to make me feel like I could identify with the characters. The backdrops where based on the every day lifestyle & culture of your typical African family.

Professor Achebe had a diplomatic way of articulating the biased relationship between Africa and the west. I particularly loved that tradition and cultural practice played a central role in his books. 

I now feel a strong desire to re-read some of his books and rekindle the magic of his wisdom. He will be dearly missed by the African and language arts community at large. The messages + wisdoms in his books are timeless. They can be applied to modern day social & political affairs. 

My prayers and sympathy to his family.

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