2013 Resolution Updates

We are already on the 3rd month of the year! Which makes it over 8 weeks since some of us made new year resolutions. 

One of my resolutions...to run a 1/2 Marathon is coming up in less than a week, March 10th = Quincy 1/2 Marathon. I'm quite excited!

Also, I took up yoga, just to try it out for a month. But now, I love it so much, I thinking of making it a permanent part of my lifestyle. One thing am discovering and loving about yoga is the muscle strengthening part of it. Most of us, non-yoga people, think its all about flexibility. But am learning, flexibility is just one of the several benefits of yoga. 

How are your resolutions going?
Have you met your Goals?
If there were long term, how much longer do you have?
Did you experience relapse?
Are you happy with the progress? Or do you not see any changes?

Remember, a relapse is okay as long as you rise up from it and stay the course of your journey. 

We all experience relapse. Sometimes its good to take a step back and see the big picture. 

Sometimes what you're doing may not be working and you need to try a new formula.

Sometimes, a relapse is an opportunity for you to rest. 

Maybe you've been pushing too hard. More than what you're body is accustomed to handling. 

The issue most people face is not experiencing a relapse but rising up from it. How do you overcome that "pause" . How do you get inspired or motivated to get back on track after a relapse?

Here are some suggestions to overcoming a relapse 

1.Inspiration/Motivation/Stimulus :- Surround yourself with objects that will serve as a constant motivator or reminder of your goals. Sticky Notes around your study area. Having your fitness shoes out in the open. Reading fitness magazines. Subscribing to fitness social media accounts.

2. Have monthly and weekly short term goals: - Having short term goals is a way to break down a long term goal so it doesn't look so overwhelming. As the queen of to do lists, I keep a to do list for every week. And then on top of that, I make a to do list for everyday. It helps me keep track and stay focus on what is important  Its very easy to get side tracked when you don't have a constant reminder of what your priorities are.
And the bonus? You get a rewarding positive and encouraging feeling when you achieve you're little goals. It makes you have the confidence that you CAN achieve the "big" goal.

3. Plan ahead: Whether you are traveling, attending an event or trying to deal with a bad weather, plan ahead. For the most part most of us know that information ahead of time. If you're traveling, find out if you're hotel has a fitness center. Most of them do. And even if they don't, there are many body weight exercise you can do in the comfort of your hotel room. Check out my post here on body weight exercises.

Attending an event and worried about eating the wrong stuff? Eat at home. So when you get to the event, you are less likely to pig out and will be satisfied with the healthy options you pick out.

Bad weather is an opportunity to try out some of those exercise at home DVDs most of us buy but never use. Try InsanityFitness, P90x, Julian Micheals and many others. Also check out the label "Healthy Living" here on Mapetiteniche for many ideas to exercising at home. Lastly, YouTube is one of the best things to happen on the internet next to Google. You can find many at home exercise routines from yoga, Pilates  cardio, plyometrics to strength training using body weight. And the cost? FREE ^_^

Goodluck! and don't forget to direct your questions & concerns to laurettaashu@gmail.com

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