Wear R.E.D to support MARRIAGE EQUALITY March 26th - 27th 2013

They way I see it, everyone is entitled to the joys and hardships of married life ^_^
Since being married comes with certain legal benefits outside of religious practices, I think its only fair that everyone gets this opportunity. In solidarity with the movement, I wore my favourite RED winter scarf to work.

Starting today Tuesday March 26th 2013 and through Wednesday March 27th 2013, the United States Supreme Court will be hearing... I believe... 2 cases on the use of the term "marriage" and other issues surrounding this subject.

You can find out  more about this Human Rights Campaign by clicking here

Remember, this is a Democracy. Exercise you're rights as a citizen by making your voice heard.

CHINUA ACHEBE - Trail Blazer of African Literature

Africa and the world of English literature lost a great writer here in Boston (Brown University). Professor Chinua Achebe 1930 - 2013 .

Photo Credit : The Boston Globe

Photo Credit: Aljazeera

As an avid reader, I grew up reading books from all over the world. Everything from Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys, Agatha Christie, Sherlock Holmes, Jane Eye and etc. But as a young african girl, I could never relate to the stories. His books were the first ones to make me feel like I could identify with the characters. The backdrops where based on the every day lifestyle & culture of your typical African family.

Professor Achebe had a diplomatic way of articulating the biased relationship between Africa and the west. I particularly loved that tradition and cultural practice played a central role in his books. 

I now feel a strong desire to re-read some of his books and rekindle the magic of his wisdom. He will be dearly missed by the African and language arts community at large. The messages + wisdoms in his books are timeless. They can be applied to modern day social & political affairs. 

My prayers and sympathy to his family.

Addis Red Sea - Ethiopian Cuisine - Boston

I went to Addis Red Sea, for the first time for a town hall -like siorée with Boston city council woman , Ayanna Pressley.  I loved the decor . The atmosphere transports one back to the days of king Shahryar and the cunning princess Sherehezade in 1001 Arabians Nights. 

Africans In Boston team with Councilwoman Ayanna Pressley 

 The councilwoman, speaking about her initiatives and how her office can work with the african communities in Boston

 The beautiful owner of Addis Red Sea Restaurant

Addis Red Sea has 2 Locations. One on 544 Tremont St in Boston and the other on 1755 Massachusetts Ave in  Cambridge. If you have never experienced Ethiopian cuisine, I reccommend this restaurant. The staff and customer service was excellent. The owner walked around and mingled with clients to make sure everyone was accommodated.

ACSM Active Voice: Why Should Pregnant Women Exercise?

Active Voice: Why Should Pregnant Women Exercise?

By Lanay Mudd, Ph.D.

Viewpoints presented in SMB commentaries reflect opinions of the authors and do not necessarily reflect positions or policies of ACSM. 

Dr. Mudd is an assistant professor in the department of kinesiology at Michigan State University. With a background in both kinesiology and epidemiology, her research focuses on maternal and child health benefits of physical activity during pregnancy. In this commentary, Dr. Mudd, an ACSM member, presents her views associated with the research which she and her colleagues published in the February 2013 issue of Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise® (MSSE)

“It’s six o’clock, so should I sit on the couch and watch some TV or fit in a quick walk before dinner?” For many pregnant women, the answer is automatic – “I’m tired and I’m pregnant. I deserve to relax. What’s on TV?” Yet, research conducted over the past 18 years indicates that the woman who laces up her sneakers instead, can expect a healthier pregnancy and a healthier baby

In the past, most viewed pregnancy as a time to rest and gain weight in order to ensure a healthy delivery. The first physical activity guideline, published by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) in 1985, even encouraged women to limit vigorous physical activity and keep their exercise heart rates below140 beats per minute. Unfortunately, while hundreds of studies have since shown benefits of physical activity during pregnancy and the guidelines have been subsequently updated many women and healthcare providers cling to this 140 limit. The most recent U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services guidelines for physical activity during pregnancy state that women who are not already active should get at least 150 minutes per week of moderate intensity aerobic activity, and that those who are habitually more active may continue their normal routines provided they communicate openly with their healthcare provider. International guidelines in Canada, Denmark and Norway are similar. 

Since pregnant women are now encouraged to be active, many may wonder “What benefits can I expect if I choose walking over TV?” In MSSE, our recently published review of the international evidence suggests that women who are active either before or during pregnancy have a lower risk of developing gestational diabetes and hypertensive disorders during pregnancy. In addition, they are more likely to stay within the recommended weight gain range. Furthermore, compared to inactive women, active women are less likely to deliver big babies (more than nine pounds) and a few small studies suggest that their children are less likely to be obese at two to five years of age. 

These conclusions are encouraging and reinforce the need for healthcare and fitness professionals to promote physical activity to pregnant women. The question now is “How much and what type of activity do I need to see these benefits?” While the current literature can’t directly answer these questions, performing the recommended 150 minutes per week of moderate aerobic physical activity is a good place to start. 

Most of the current evidence is based on observational designs where the majority of women who are active during pregnancy were also active before pregnancy. Thus, we can’t say whether women who choose to start walking during pregnancy will see the same health benefits. More intervention studies are needed to answer that question. If the same benefits are found, promotion of physical activity during pregnancy with previously inactive women could prove a vital part of improving the health of women and children worldwide.


Mapetiteniche Commentary:

Even with a previous history of exercising, inform your care provider about the decision to stay active throughout pregnancy. 

Avoid high impact exercises or anything that requires you to "bounce" around with significant amount of force.

In a previous post, I talked about back exercises. Pregnant women should avoid exercises or yoga/pilates poses that require back bends, head stands, hand stands, crunches and many others. Basically any position that may limit the ability of blood to flow to the baby should be avoided.

Also avoid exercising in regions of extreme altitudes or pressure such as scuba diving or hiking. 

Checkout the website FIT PREGNANCY for safe exercise routines to perform and additional wellness information.


Summer Bodies are Made in...Part 2

Summer Bodies are Made in Winter  SPRING.....


I typically never do any exercises that mainly target the back muscles. Sometimes one of my exercise routines may involve muscles of the back but not because it was a conscious decision on my part. I'm trying to change that mentality and incoorperate more exercise strictly focused on the back muscles.

Why Exercise/Strengthen the Shoulder/Back Muscles?

- They are important components of our gait and posture 

- They contribute in stabilizing our spine 

- They are part of the core muscle groups responsible for good balance and stability

Right Angle Press
Image from SHAPE.com 

Inverted Shoulder Press 

 Military Press

- You can use 2 free-weights or a bar or kettle bells or any carry able house hold items of similar weight like 2 jugs of water etc

-  You can also use a jump rope

Image from Rubberbanditz

Image from MikeMahler

Pull Ups / Chin Ups

- You can buy one of these home gym pullups device to place on a door at home

- Or you can head over to your neighborhood playground and use the monkey bars for the same purpose

- Or if you have access to trees, find one with a sturdy branch and use it .

Image from Defyyourlimitations

Image from SELF


- The basic bridge pose is performed with both feet on the floor. To challenge yourself, lift one leg up.

Image from MensHealth

Image from FunFitFash

Lower Back Flies

 Image fromWHF

Image from Blairsburgmacfit

Bird Dog

Exercises / Stretches for LOWER BACK PAIN

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