February 20, 2013

Heart- Pumping YOGA - WOMEN'S HEALTH

Lately, I 've been into yoga. It started off with me looking for a good stretching and lengthening exercise program. Now, with yoga, I'm learning to not just increase my flexibility but also strengthen the muscles.

Here are some heart pumping moves provided by women's health magazine

1. Sun Salutation

Stand in Mountain pose with your back straight, legs and feet together, and arms to your sides (A). Inhale as you raise your arms straight up overhead and bring your palms together (B). Exhale as you extend from your hips to fold your torso forward and move your hands down to the floor (C). Inhale, keep your hands down, but raise your head and chest slightly and gaze forward (D). Exhale, and step back into Plank pose with your arms and legs straight, your hands on the floor beneath your shoulders, your core engaged, and your back straight (E). Bend your elbows and lower toward the floor into a pushup position, keeping your elbows tucked close to your body (F). Inhale as you roll over your toes and, using your arms, press away from the floor and lift your chest into Upward-Facing Dog (G). Exhale as you roll your toes back over and lift and press your hips back into Downward-Facing Dog (H). Take five breaths in Downward-Facing Dog. Inhale and gaze forward as you lengthen back into your legs and bend your knees. Exhale as you step or jump your feet forward to meet your hands. Inhale as you extend your gaze and chest (I). Exhale as you fold forward over your legs (J). Inhale as you extend your arms wide to the sides, lift your chest, come all the way up to standing, and press your palms overhead. Exhale as you release your arms and return to Mountain pose.
Repeat two to five times

2. Warrior II Pose
Start with your feet one leg-length apart, feet parallel. Rotate your right foot outward 90 degrees and your left foot inward slightly so your right heel is lined up with the arch of the left foot. Bend your front knee, bringing your thigh parallel to the floor with your knee over your heel. Keep your torso directly over your neutral pelvis . Keeping your inner elbows straight, reach your arms to raise them parallel to the floor. Gaze over your front fingertips. 
Hold for five to 10 breaths, then repeat on the other side.

3.Warrior III
Begin in Crescent pose with your legs in a lunge and your hands overhead. Join your palms together in front of your heart and lean forward over your front thigh. Keep gazing forward and lift your back leg off the floor until it is parallel to the floor. Extend your upper chest and gaze forward, keeping your leg straight. Stay here or extend your arms out in front of you and join your palms. 
Hold for five to 10 breaths, then repeat on the other side.

Start seated with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Lean back just far enough so your feet can float off the ground. Begin to straighten your legs together so that your body forms a V shape, keeping your arms extended and parallel to the ground. Balance on your tailbone and sit bones, chest lifted, and gaze forward. 
Hold for five to 10 breaths, and repeat two to five times.


Begin in Chair pose. Bring your hands into Prayer position, rotate your torso to the right, and place your left elbow or triceps on your right thigh so that your right elbow is pointing toward the ceiling. Keep your hips even and revolve your chest open by pulling the right shoulder back. 
Hold for five to 10 breaths, then repeat on the other side.


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