Lance Armstrong Confesses to doping on OPRAH

I wrote about Lance Armstrong quitting instead of fighting the doping allegations HERE

Now it seems Lance Armstrong has confessed to using drugs in a 90 mins interview with OPRAH on the OWN NETWORK.

The 2 part interview will air on Thursday and Friday January 17th/18th at 9 P.M

I’m not sure how I feel about this….I mean am not shocked to hear it. I’m just…I guess disappointed?
I can’t wait to watch the interview to hear what he has to stay before giving my opinion about the whole situation.

In the world of modern sports performance where there are so many avenues to improve your performance whether its gear design, drugs and genetically altered nutrition, one has to wonder if the athletes of today are really as great as the athletes of the past who relied on nothing but their natural innate God given athletic skills.

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