January 6, 2013

Fitness For Africa - Uganda

Today's organisation spotlight goes to 

serving more specifically the districts of Gulu, Bwindi, northern and southwestern areas of UGANDA

I like it when some of these organisations focus on the needs of a specific population or region. By narrowing it down, it makes the goals more achievable.

There are many non-profit organisations out there who's mission is to "help" Africa. But they seem to forget Africa is a continent with 50+ countries. How feasible and achievable can their goals be if they do not narrow it down to a target region?

Of course this is not to say everyone doesn't need help. It just seems logical that if you are starting up new and small, you want a more target area of focus. Growth and expansion can always take place in the future.

One of Fitness For Africa's sponsors is Flip2BFit. The purpose of the collaboration was to develop a structured fitness instructions curriculum that can be used in schools around the Guru district of Uganda

Flip2bFit is a company that makes fun board games that in cooperates lessons about healthy eating habits. The games also include fitness challenges that players have to perform. This is great way to "trick" kids who are scared of the words "gym" and "exercise" into meeting their daily required activity levels.

1. Pearl Hope Nursery and Primary School - projected to open soon - Feb 2013

2. Organized Fitness Instruction and Introduction into local primary schools

3. Education Scholarships

4. Literacy Project for adults

5. Pen pal project for Children

6.Pen Pal Project for Women in collaboration with the literacy project

7. Pearl Of Hope: Health & Wellness Center

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