Dieting and Fitness Betting Games

Born out of a need to encourage people to stay on their diet/fitness journeys, betting games have been popping up all over the internet!

How does it work?

You join a website such as DIETBET.COM

Once you become a  member, select from the many games and activities, which ones you'll like to participate in. On, you can participate in up to 5 games at a given time.

Each game has specific rules that participants must adhere to. At the end of the deadline, whoever meets the requirements to win split the pot.

Here's an example Below

My Opinion 
 It sounds like fun. I don't see how  it is any different from all the little betting games that occur between friends or at coworkers. Whether its fitness, dieting or betting during the Superbowl  Football or March NCAA College Basketball Madness.

The difference being the "pot" can become a lot of $$$$$ based on the number of participants.

My only problem is, I read the Q/A on preventing people from cheating. The answer/explanation that was offered didn't leave me reassured. Basically, everyone is required to submit pictures upon signing up for a game. Winners will them be required to submit an "after picture" at the end of the game.

And for those worried about it being illegal aka Gambling. 
Apparently it is not considered gambling. Therefor not illegal in the USA. Because by definition, gambling involves luck and chances. Meanwhile the "lose weight" betting games require you to do the work to loose the weight and win.  

Will you ever try it? Are you currently taking part in a bet?
Leave me a comment, tweet, or email to let me know what you think about it

Bonne Chance! 

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