ACSM: Active Voice: Commentary on Doping in Sports

Active Voice: Commentary on Doping in Sports

By Gary I. Wadler, M.D., FACSM

Viewpoints presented in SMB commentaries reflect the opinions of the authors and do not necessarily reflect positions or policies of ACSM. 

Gary I. Wadler, M.D., FACSM, FACP, FCP, FACPM, chairs ACSM’s Communications and Public Information Committee. He is a clinical associate professor of medicine at Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine and past chairman of the World Anti-Doping Agency’s Prohibited List Committee.

The Lance Armstrong scandal sits among the most high-profile, unprecedented doping scandals in United States sports history. 

The evolving story is about more than understanding the complexities of banned substances, drug testing and prosecutions. The real story is about the regrettable messages that this scandal sends to our youth who seek nothing more than fair and ethical competition. 

It is more than the tragic story of a gifted athlete—Lance Armstrong—who finally has admitted to his use of a variety of performance-enhancing drugs and methods. It is more than his accepting a lifetime suspension in cycling, losing numerous records including seven Tour de France titles and countless millions in prize money and endorsements, and apologizing to his family and fans. 

In years past, doping may have gone unnoticed by many. But now we are witnessing the evolution of a new world order in elite sports, one committed to fair play and ethical values; one whose troubled roots can be found in what was for 30 years a dysfunctional system of inadequate drug control. 

In 1999, a new world order emerged in the fight against doping with the establishment of the World Anti-Doping Agency(WADA). This was achieved with the collaboration of the International Olympic Committee, 33 international sports federations and 195 national Olympic committees. More than 100 governments, including the United States, signed the Copenhagen Declaration to establish the World Anti-Doping Agency. 

WADA is an international, independent agency composed and funded equally by the sports movement and the governments of the world. Its key activities include scientific research, education, development of anti-doping capacities, and the monitoring of the World Anti-Doping Code. This document harmonizes anti-doping policies in all sports and in all countries. 
After several years of intense deliberations among scientists, educators, government officials, sports leaders and athletes, the Code established a comprehensive set of standards providing an international basis for anti-doping. 

As WADA itself was being crafted, so was the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), the lead agency in the legendary BALCO investigations and now in the investigation of Lance Armstrong and USA Cycling. 

Now we are witnessing the groundbreaking intersection of the United States legal system to ferret out potentially criminal acts associated with cycling, while USADA pursues anti-doping code violations. All of this is occurring while anxious athletes await their fate from USADA, with threats of civil suits lurking in the background, and no doubt potential sanctions are being hotly contested among lawyers on both sides. 

The WADA Code makes it clear that a positive urine or blood test is not the sine qua non for an anti-doping rule violation. Non-analytic violations such as trafficking, distributing or inciting others to use prohibited substances carry the same weight as positive analytic tests. From a sports perspective, it will be for the hearing bodies to decide what weight should be attached to emails, cancelled checks and Federal Express envelopes, and the criminal investigations will have their own outcomes. 

Whether their alleged violations are analytical or non-analytical, it is imperative that athletes be accorded due process. None of us would want it any other way. We believe that the World Anti-Doping Code, when carefully studied, will give pause to those who are so outraged with allegations of the lack of due process. 

While so much of the national dialogue has centered on violations of law and the rules of sport, we must not take our eyes off the ball. Performance-enhancing drug abuse is not limited to elite athletes. With surveys revealing that more than 2.5 percent of eighth-graders have used anabolic steroids, it should compel us as a nation to move the issue from the sports pages to the front pages as has been done by the Taylor Hooton Foundation, which I served as founding chairman. 

When, in 1988, Ben Johnson disgraced his country by cheating with steroids, Canada reacted as a nation with its Dubin Commission to address that shameful event in their sports history. Recent events underscore that now is the time for America’s moment of national introspection so that we, too, can right our ship in the name of drug-free sport. 

Editorial Note: In July 2007, ACSM leading and in collaboration with USADA, launched the Professionals Against Doping (PADS) initiative. The targeted mission of PADS is to promote development of anti-doping rules in sports organizations, foster educational programs in communities that address on the issues, hazards and solutions to this problem, and broadly support drug-free sport. Visit the PADS website, join the initiative, and help promote the mission.

Exercices De Gym à la Maison 3 - FRUGIVORE

3 Body Weight Workouts To Try Today

Stand tall, and bend over until your fingertips are on the floor.
Next, walk the hands forward while keeping the legs straight until you’ve reached a traditional push-up position.
Finish off the move by taking tiny steps to get your feet back up to your hands.
Repeat for 4-6 reps.

High Knees

Standing in a long holiday check out line? Make use of the time by getting a quick leg exercise in.
Stand tall with your feet hip-distance apart.
Raise up your right knee as high as it’ll go, and then place the leg back down.
Alternate legs and start picking up the pace.
Try this for 30 seconds straight.

Butt Kicks

Since you’re going to be running around anyway, why not kick your butt into shape at the same time … literally.
Jog in place while kicking your heels back towards your glutes.
Make sure the movement is being driven from your hamstrings and keep it up for a minute straight while picking up the pace.


You CAN NOT spot reduce FAT

But you CAN perform specific exercise to target specific MUSCLE groups.  

I use to be  one of those people who thought the only way to "loose" weight or cut down my % body fat was to run aka cardio every day, 24/7. 

But now we know that  if you want to burn fat more effectively, you gotta muscle up aka strength training. Cardio still has a role to play in addition with proper nutrition. 

None of these elements work alone. 

Are you aware of the muscle groups you are working as you exercise?

Images are from Prozis

Exercices De Gym à la Maison 2

Ultimate Weights-Free Workout

If the pose requires you to HOLD the position such as in planking. Aim for 1 mins and increase the duration as you get Stronger. 

If the pose requires reps, aim for 3 sets of 8 and increase the numbers as you get stronger. You can always send me an email if you have any specific questions about what you are tying to achieve

Exercices De Gym à la Maison 1

Home Exercises for those days, you're playing the game where your front yard is a volcano and you cannot step outside your home.
If you're like me, the snow has put a damper on any previously planned outdoor activities.

I love body weight  exercises because they do not require ANYTHING extra. All you are using is your BODY!



Advice from:






5 Good Reasons to Exercise in WINTER

1. Exercise reduces issues with restlessness or sleeplessness at night

2. Exercise helps to tackle winter blues and depression

3. Exercising during winter will help with weight gain that typically

 comes from being in hibernation mood because of the cold 

weather. We are inclined to want to stay warm, stay indoors, eat

 a lot, with minimum physical activities.

4. Exercising outdoors, even for a brief time, allows your body to 

adapt to the new season making you less susceptible to illness.

5. Exercising in winter will elevate your mood and make you more

 alert. Instead of relying on coffee and other caffeine stimulants, 

exercise during winter boosts your  metabolism.

Winter Blues Series - Intro

Here I thought having a non-white Christmas was an indication that global warming...(which isn't necessarily a good thing)...was going to make us have a warmer than typical Boston winter.


MISTAKE #1.The past couple of days have been pire! Today we are at 11 degree with a Gale warning according to the weather apps. I didn't know what Gale is, until I goggled it after my morning workout out door run. 

Had I done my homework and checked the weather status before stepping out for a run, I will not have been running outside to begin with. No wonder I wept mentally throughout the 3 miles. There was no point in physically crying. Every sweat or nasal sniffle was being frozen into an icy decorative center piece on my face.

MISTAKE #2 - Signing Up for a Half Marathon for March without much thought/plan on how/where I will work out.

Don't get me wrong, am glad to be doing this from a fitness perspective BUT STILL...if i was smarter, given that am new to this extreme winters situation, perhaps i should not have signed up for an event that requires me to train throughout winter.

But what’s done is DONE.

I'm going to dedicate the next 7 days or 8 to winter related posts. From alternative ways of staying active indoors, tackling the psychology behind winter blues and how to boost your metabolism during this mordit weather.

Goodluck on all your new year resolutions. I hope you are staying strong. January is almost over. However long or short they may be, 1 months down, 11 more months to go.

Dieting and Fitness Betting Games

Born out of a need to encourage people to stay on their diet/fitness journeys, betting games have been popping up all over the internet!

How does it work?

You join a website such as DIETBET.COM

Once you become a  member, select from the many games and activities, which ones you'll like to participate in. On, you can participate in up to 5 games at a given time.

Each game has specific rules that participants must adhere to. At the end of the deadline, whoever meets the requirements to win split the pot.

Here's an example Below

My Opinion 
 It sounds like fun. I don't see how  it is any different from all the little betting games that occur between friends or at coworkers. Whether its fitness, dieting or betting during the Superbowl  Football or March NCAA College Basketball Madness.

The difference being the "pot" can become a lot of $$$$$ based on the number of participants.

My only problem is, I read the Q/A on preventing people from cheating. The answer/explanation that was offered didn't leave me reassured. Basically, everyone is required to submit pictures upon signing up for a game. Winners will them be required to submit an "after picture" at the end of the game.

And for those worried about it being illegal aka Gambling. 
Apparently it is not considered gambling. Therefor not illegal in the USA. Because by definition, gambling involves luck and chances. Meanwhile the "lose weight" betting games require you to do the work to loose the weight and win.  

Will you ever try it? Are you currently taking part in a bet?
Leave me a comment, tweet, or email to let me know what you think about it

Bonne Chance! 

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