December 5, 2012

Une affaire D'amour: Part 3: Africa's Wealthiest Women 2012

" To Love Oneself is the beginning of a life long romance"
____Oscar Wilde

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This is Mrs Folorunsho Alakija of Nigeria

Currently ranked as the richest Black woman according to Forbes.

You can read all about her HERE

It seems Oprah's decided to invest into the OWN Network. I'm sure it will reap a lot of returns in the future :)

Another notable mention is Isabel Dos Santos, Daughter of the president of Angola.

Mrs Alakija and Santos are the first 2 women to make it into the list of Forbes Africa's 40 Richest.

Congratulations! As a woman, I celebrate anytime our gender conquers a new territory

BUT....... this is Africa we are talking about. 

Enemies of progress are crawling out of the woodwork in blogville.

Citing corruption and nepotism as their reasons for disapproving Forbes' acknowledgements.


1. You cannot ask someone to apologize for being born into a wealthy family.

2. However, You can try to hold them accountable(morals) for how they use the great opportunities they were born into.

Did they join their family to loot the country for their private gains?

Did they use that platform to spread a benevolent message? Something that is for the good of all the citizens of that country?

How are they giving back to the country? Are they creating jobs at home or shipping them away...etc

3.This is Africa. Money or no money, Africa is lagging behind by a million miles when it comes to allowing women in certain leadership roles. For those reasons, I celebrate their achievements.

4. Is it fair to call someone born into wealth "successful"? in the same way you gauge someone who was born with nothing and worked their way up?

5. Let's not be naive.

People think Africa is the only corrupt continent in the world but corruption is everywhere. 

In america its called  blue coloured criminals.

Its called " was your family member an alumni of Harvard?"

Its called a million dollar membership club fee where only a current member can invite you to apply for membership

Nepotism exists everywhere.

Don't take it personal. Its Just Business.
Someone has to clean the toilets. 
C'est La Vie

Do you think people like former president Bush's girls, President Obama's daughters or former President Clinton's daughter will not have a ridiculously UNFAIR advantage in the business world should they choose to pursue that avenue?

6. Lastly, YES, these women were born into wealth. BUT they arent the only ones. There are many who have been born into the same circumstances but where not responsible/smart enough to turn those opportunities into a fortune. These Women did. You don't get to where they did by just being a spoilt brat with no business sense or work ethics.

And they did it in a continent over run by men with very little opportunities for women.

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