Teranga Senegalese Restaurant - Boston,MA

The first time I went to Teranga was for a networking event with the group Africans In Boston.

The staff was very friendly yet professional.

As you all know by now, I am a promiscuous woman when it comes to affairs of Food, Culture & Travel.

 I fell in love and have added it to my harem of lovers :)

And I  plan to host my birthday dinner there.

Street View

You cannot miss it from the streets. The big display window allows those of us who like people watching to stare away in estacy ^_^
The Entrance

I love the decor and open plan of the place. Guests also have the option of being tucked away in a corner for privacy.

The restaurant is located at 1746 Washington Street, Boston Ma 02118

My friend's appetizer(above) called "Nems"

Spring rolls stuffed with finely chopped chicken, ground beef, rice

 vermicelli, grated carrots, scallions, and dried

mushrooms served with nuocmam dressing.

My meal (above)  ThiĆ©bou Yap i believe...I may or may not have the dish 

name right but i can tell you it was delicious!

Probably the only people who will care about this is the ladies.

The bathroom at Teranga was so nice and lovely. It smelled of french vanilla and was extremely clean. 
As someone who eats out a lot, i have had my share of seeing some unclean restrooms. Any restaurant who makes the extra effort to make sure the rest rooms clean at all times definitely gets as A+ in my books.

So will I recommend the place?
OUI  ^_^
If you're looking for a fine dinning experience instead of your typical "local" african spot, this is the place for you.

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