Rendevous 2013 : Black Girls Run

As a member of the Black Girls RUN - BOSTON community, I am

 glad to hear the organisation has released its 

"Preserve the Sexy"  ^_^  2013 Running Events

If the name isn't self explanatory is

 what the organisation is all about

About Black Girls RUN!

Black Girls RUN! is a national running group

 launched in 2009 by Toni Carey and Ashley

 Hicks. The organization has grown to include

 more than 65 running groups across the nation

 with more than 55,000 members.  The group was

 created to combat the obesity epidemic among

 women in the African- American community and

 dispel the myth that black women do not run.  

The groups include beginner and experienced 

runners and provide a support system to help 

members  reach their fitness goals

Black Girls RUN! 

provides a community and inspires all women to


For more info check out 

There are running groups is major cities across the US. I believe most of them also have a face book group where they organize runs by neighborhoods.
I know in the Boston group, runners get together for races and other events.

I will definitely encourage all my black girls out there to check it out. Research to find out if your city /neighborhood has a group. 

There is a fine delicate line between being "curvy"  but healthy and just plain old unhealthy fat.
Unfortunately some people misunderstand that difference.

So check out the 2013 schedule and try out one of the races with a friend.
And even  if groups do not exist in your town, find other fitness activities and groups to tryout.
January 5:
Preserve the Sexy Tour Stop
Nashville, Tennessee

January 27:
ING Miami
Miami, Florida

February 2:
Preserve the Sexy Tour Stop
Birmingham, Alabama

February 9:
Preserve the Sexy Tour Stop
Miami, Florida

March 3:
Little Rock Marathon
Little Rock, Arkansas

March 16:
Preserve the Sexy Tour Stop
Richmond, Virginia

March 23:
ZOOMA Texas Half Marathon and 5K
Bastrop/Austin, Texas

April 6:
Hollywood Half Marathon
Hollywood, California

April 20:
Preserve the Sexy Tour Stop
Atlanta, Georgia

May 5:
Divas Half Marathon
San Francisco Bay Area

May 11:
Preserve the Sexy Tour Stop
Jackson, Mississippi

June 1:
ZOOMA Annapolis Half Marathon
Annapolis, Maryland

June 8:
Preserve the Sexy Tour Stop
Greenville/Spartanburgh, South Carolina

June 22:
Rock N’ Roll Seattle
Seattle, Washington

Black Girls RUN! National Conference and Race Weekend
Location/Date TBD

November 16:
Anthem Richmond Marathon
Richmond, Virginia

.........And Now.......
............Drum Rolls...........
And old pic of me running! I don't know how actors make it look good in the movies or models in fitness magazines. When I run, things that shouldnt be moving, bouge. It's like an isolate tsunami and there's nothing sexy about it.

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