November 2, 2012

Une affaire D'amour: A letter from one mistress to Another Part 2

" To Love Oneself is the beginning of a life long romance"
____Oscar Wilde

You can check out part 1 here

They say you can find inspiration in anything. I took one look at the picture below and felt a strong desire to stand in front of a mirror and say to myself....TU EST BELLE! Don't let anyone tell you different.

Ofcourse this will be incomplete without a poem to accompany it so i give you

Brown Skin by by Sharon Harvey Rosenberg

This is for all the brown-skin girls
drowning in tears from blue-eyed dreams
buried under pillows seeded with wallflower nightmares
blooming like thorns around the crown of nappy hair.

This is for all the brown-skin girls
whipped by fantasies of long blond hair
tossed over a shoulder like the blade of a knife
cutting the stems of nappy hair flowers
neglected like weedsin a vacated lot.

This is for all the brown-skin girls
lost between the pages of glossy magazine covers
where black typeface is printed on perforated solicitations
tossed away with junk mail.
In these cut-lines for brown-skin girls,
The text is rewritten and photos are reframed
with portraits of nappy-hair girls smiling under boldface type:

Featuring and Including Brown-skin Cover Girls On the Table of Contents

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