RIP Former Captain of the Indomitable LIONS Théophile Abéga Mbida

Théophile Abéga 



Captain of the 


 LIONS died of cardiac

 arrest at the General 

Hospital in Yaounde,

 Cameroon at the age of 58.

                                                              Photo Credit: SoccernetEspn

He will go down in history as one of Cameroon's best 

offensives  players. It's a shame a severe knee injury

 forced him to retire early from football.

       Photo credit: Sports365

One of his notable soccer career performances 

include being an  incredible captain for the  first 

Indomitable Lions team to

 win the African Cup Of Nations. 

This victory took place in

 1984, Ivory Coast, against the Super Eagles of 


                                                                           Photo Credit: AfricaPress

He was also part of the Indomitable Lions team that 

took Cameroon to their 1st FIFA WORLD CUP 

tournament - FIFA 1982 SPAIN

                                         Photo Credit: CameroonInfoNet

My condolence to family members and friends. His football legacy will live on forever.

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