November 12, 2012

Mozambique Wins African Cup Championships (Women's Basketball)

When i was a little girl playing basketball + soccer in Saker, i dreamt about becoming a professional soccer player or basketball player. My dreams may not have come to pass but i still try to follow the different African women's BB clubs. 

Recognizing outstanding players in the league

 Deolinda N’Gulela (Liga Desportiva)

Astrida Vicente (Interclube)

Nacissela Mauricio (1° de Agosto)

Leia Dongue (Liga Desportiva)

Clarisse Machanguana Ambrosi
 (Liga Desportiva)

Highest scores

 Kani Kouyaté (136 points)

 Ndeye Sène (17 tirs réussis).

Highest Rebounds
Aisha Mohamed (First Bank) - Nigeria

Fair Play
Ndella - Gabon

All the photos above are credited to Sport-Ivoire  Afrique Basketball  StarAfrica

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