November 9, 2012


I really didn't want to do a blog post about the US presidential Elections because unless you live under a rock or in planet MARS, you already knew about all the political drama steaming out of it. 

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A lot of people ask me on twitter + Facebook if i voted, so i thought i'll just do a quick blog post here about it....


Plus the school ( Top left & bottom right picture) ...where i teach physical education was used as a pooling center so i was drowning in election stuff both at home and at work.

Not only did I vote but I canvassed for OBAMA in New Hampshire....even though i live in Boston lol. I'm glad my door to door knocking in the cold wasn't in vain. He won New Hampshire and guess what? New Hampshire made history by becoming the 1ST state in the USA to have an ALL FEMALE DELEGATION!

Governor = woman
State Representatives = woman
Senators = woman 

oui! oui ! oui! ^_^ because we at mapetiteniche are all about empowering women to dream big and think outside of cooking + diaper duties.

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