EverLast Wrist Weights (1.5 lbs each) Review

I would not call myself a product junky that will buy any exercise related product as soon as it hits the counters. In an effort to "spice up" my running/speed walking routine, I decided to invest in some wrist/ankle free weights.

Free weights to wrap around your wrist or ankle is a good way to increase the intensity or difficulty of a running/speed walking routine. It helps build muscle. By carrying extra weight, your body has to do more work. Over time you should notice an increase in your speed + agility + stamina when you perform the same activities without the extra weight. You should feel "lighter".

I ended up not being able to use this as an exercise gadget. It just didn't work for me.

 Because it is stitched around, the fit isn't adjustable unlike some other brands which have a "buckle-like" adjustable belt. Which means if you have bigger ankle, it would not fit or be too tight. I wanted it more for my ankles than my wrists because am always aiming to tone my thunder legs + thighs. It fit well around my wrist but the fit was weird around my ankle

On the other hand, if you have really tiny feet + ankle :), it may hang loose and "funny" too. 

I should mention that the material is tough and a little bit stretchable.

Which means...I guess it could fit a larger ankle BUT, i wouldn't advice anyone to wear anything that will be too tight to the point of cutting off blood circulation which your working muscles need in order to successfully exercise

So will I recommend this product?

No, because you have the option of getting the ones with straps that will allow you to adjust the tightness....say when you exercise in the summer versus my boston winter in which i may be required to layer up with socks, making my ankle thicker....

For the moment, am trying to find an alternate use for it....paper holder? stationary holder? fancy/funky table decor? je ne sais pas. I am also currently keeping an eye out to purchase another wrist/ankle weight. This time, one with straps. Here is an example below.

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