The Indomitable Lions: Ruffling and reshuffling our way off the cliff?

Things have been going from bad to worst to .... for The Indomitable Lions of Cameroon. Ours boys and FECAFOOT need to really step it up if we intend to play in FIFA2014

And I mean that not just by qualifying through games but having our administrative shit together

1st -  Samuel Eto'o Fils....the HIGHEST PAID soccer player IN THE WORLD was suspended (8+ months) then later on released from his duties as national team captain 

 Then you had the drama with Roger Miller. He is such a great soccer icon not just  in Cameroon but in the world of soccer. Hence I am going to have an intentional amnesia and keep being a big fan of the man

At some point I thought former fiesyt Liverpool defender Rigobert Song who has been to 3 world cups with the Lions was being considered for the coaching position but apparently the government didnt want to meet his "financial" demands? lol but they'll happily do it for a white foreign coach? smh........

Then we got a new coach Jean Paul Akono  a Cameroonian....No offense to former coach Denis Lavagne but i've never been able to understand why African teams always pick foreign coaches/white men aka the mental slavery never stops...paying them extremely high salaries when there are well qualified Cameroon citizens (ex-pro athletes and pple who know the business and probably have a better interest of the team's success at heart than a foreigner) for the job.....there is no excuse for that mess.... seems Mr Lavagne wasnt fired.....just suspended by the ministry of sports...and Get this...He gets to keep his salary and benefits till his contract runs out in October 12th 2012.....who negotiated this? I want to recruit them on my next job interview negotiations...Life must be awesome for Mr Lavagne

And lastly the new captain Nicolas Nkoulou was relieved of his duties by the newly appointed coach Akono who has made statements that may suggest that Eto'o Fils is coming back?

But then it seem Eto'o Fils is putting his foot down and wants some of his concerns with FECAFOOT to be addressed before he even considers a discussion about coming back to the team.

Merde, I cant keep up with the mess

Thank God the English Premiere League is On

When will they stop with the politics and get down to the business that'st actually going to make every one happy? It's not like we don't have the talents and skills....just horrible horrible management.

 Winning games = Happy Soccer Fans
 Winning Games = International recognition of players and the country's soccer program = $$$$
 Winnings Games = Outside interests by Sponsors/Investors/businesses = $$$ for players + program
 Winning Games = Flare up the dying national pride in us all...footy fan or not     

Like I said....everyone walks away happy

The good news life or any situation...once you hit bottom you have nowhere else to go but UP. 

Have we hit bottom?

The Lions play Cape Vert in Yaounde in the African Nations Cup 2013 Eliminations rounds on October 13th. Anyone attending the game and wants to collaborate with  me for a post-game blog post please contact me at

S/O to quatier Nkoambang and Essos ^_^....sorryy'all couldnt help myself....A girl's gotta rep

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