September 4, 2012

Lance Armstrong Quits fighting

As you've all heard...or not but now you know ^_^, 7 time tour de France winner Lance Armstrong has decided to stop fighting the United States Anti Doping Agency's latest doping allegations against him.

By choosing to quit, he risk losing all his titles and  being banned from ever competing in cycling again.
The verdict is not out yet but i pray the above case is a worst case-scenario type of deal.

I read the press release about why he is quitting. He is tired of all the allegations even after he has in the past showed up and not failed any of the many doping tests they had asked him to do. The USADA claims that they have new evidence and testimonies from his former team mates....some of whom have in the past tested positive for using drugs...interesting

By quitting we may never truly know if he did participate in the doping allegations some of his former team mates are claiming. 
I wish he would not quit because as far as am concerned if he never did anything wrong then nothing will show up right? The proof will be in the "pudding" they say....

But then his defense...has has been tested in the past on numerous occasions...and he passed all his tests.

And the traitor team mates...I wonder...what are their motives?
Why testify now?
Will they have testified if they had not been caught?
I find it hard to believe that they will just make up a story about Lance Armstrong, putting whatever little is left of their athletic career on the line to testify if they didn't have the evidence to support their claims....

We may never Know

Irrespective of what's going on with Mr Armstrong, I LOVE how his organisation, LIVESTRONG, born out of his own battle with cancer, has evolved into a great resource and help center for the millions of people dealing with cancer.

I especially like how exercising and healthy living are big platforms of the organisation.

In the world of modern sports performance where there are so many avenues to improve your performance whether its gear design, drugs and genetically altered nutrition, one has to wonder if the athletes of today are really as great as the athletes of the past who relied on nothing but their natural innate God given athletic skills.

At what point does it stop being naturally groomed talent? Is it really an "athletic" competition  anymore? when so many components are being altered?

The lines are getting blurry

And with the current level of growth hormones in our every day groceries, we are seeing a rise in the morphology of our teenagers. I mean look at 16yrs old london 2012 medalist Missy Franklin

Until recently, while going through my graduate program in exercise science, I was naive in all things related to GNC & co products....It did not occur to me that even recreational athletes or people who just enjoyed working out...where trying to enhance their performances by taking supplements. I mean, there's no medal, no trophy at the end of the day. Its just you. So unlike those competing for a price why do they do it?

Don't get me wrong..i was aware of steroid use and etc in the athletics side but i wasn't aware of how much the average person who wants to "loose weight" and recreational athletes where abusing the use of supplements.

If you support his decision to quit check out

For more information about  LIVESTRONG have something for everyone, whether you are a competitive athlete to someone just looking to start on a path of healthy living..or someone wanting to provide help/needing help with cancer related issues

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