September 10, 2012

Bet on You

Today has been an awesome day.

I took a chance on myself and my abilities and it paid up ^_^

I went into this new venture thinking...maybe am not good enough...what if they say i just graduated from school and haven't had the necessary experience...what if they judge me by my age and not by my skills.

what ifs...what ifs...what ifs

But I decided to let go of the doubts, prayed to GOD for strength and wisdom and came out of the experience with a job.

I wish i could go into the details of the crazy circumstances surrounding me getting this job but i cant. I dont even know where to begin.....It was one of those crazy days that began with the job interview people having to pick me up  1/2 way on a raining day in order for me to attend my own interview crazy right?...even more crazy when they asked me to come back the next week...and then  offer me the job upon my return

Lesson du jour: Never Give up....seriously what's the worst that can happened? You actually succeeding?

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