Les Lions Indomptable 1982

I saw this photo circulating on face book and immediately knew i had to share it on my blog....
You don't have to spend more than 5 mins on this blog to know am an avid world soccer fan with a clearly biased love for my national team les lion indomptables du cameroun.

Sometimes we have to take a step back into the past in order to move forward. Perhaps our team and football association FECAFOOT needs to do exactly so. To go back and remember why and how football became an important national pride. To remember the glory days. To realize how their present day actions is ruining the reputation of an organisation that was founded on hard work + a love for the game + national pride.

And you cant talk about the days of roger miller, pepe, maradonna and not remember 1990 FIFA World Cup - Italy's official song composed and sang by the talented Georgio Moroder.

In English the song is entitled "To Be Number One"....In my humble opinion still THE BEST world cup/sports championships song, in the history of sports themed songs.

I prefer the ..am guessing argentinain?italian? version of the song...It evokes emotions that cannot be mimicked by other language translations versions....Defintitely a good example of music that transcends language barriers.

You can look up the lyrics  in english

Gymless Exercise Options - Upper Body

Recently a friend asked for my opinion on some exercises one can perform at home with little or no equipment. There a many body weight exercises you can do at home without the luxury of gym equipment  The bonus of some of these exercises is the ability to tweak it to either make it more difficult as your conditioning improves or to provide different combinations to keep your workout interesting.

My friend was more interested in upper body routines. 

Here are my current favourites to do on a rainy or bad weather day( hello up coming Boston winter which i am dreading) or during those months in which you're on a tight budget and a gym member ship sounds like a luxury 

You can find picture or animated demonstrations of all the moves at google.com

1. Push Ups Variations – works chest and Triceps

     a. With feet elevated on a chair/stool/couch anything with elevation

b. Handstand Push Ups – Lean on Wall for balance

c. Spider-man Push Up

2. Planks – Great for ABS! 

3. Planking Variations

   a. Plank walk up to Push Up 

   b. Plank with leg or arm lift ***Difficult****

  c. Sideways plank with either a leg or arm lift…***Difficult***

4. Tricep Kickbacks 

5. Burpees – EXCELLENT cardio = Squat + Push Up + Vertical Jump

6. Squat and Press 

7. Dips Using a chair – works on triceps

8. Rows

9. Other Row Variations ****Difficult

a. Single row

b. Leg Lift Row

10. Lunges with Hammer Curls…using your free weights or milk gallons

Free weights can be used with some of these moves. Since this is about exercising on a budget, a great option to buying free weights is using any empty liquid gallons like the milk or water gallons...filling them with water..and viola...a home made free weight apparatus ^_^

You can find picture or animated demonstrations of all the moves at google.com
Happy Work Out

The Indomitable Lions: Ruffling and reshuffling our way off the cliff?

Things have been going from bad to worst to .... for The Indomitable Lions of Cameroon. Ours boys and FECAFOOT need to really step it up if we intend to play in FIFA2014

And I mean that not just by qualifying through games but having our administrative shit together

1st -  Samuel Eto'o Fils....the HIGHEST PAID soccer player IN THE WORLD was suspended (8+ months) then later on released from his duties as national team captain 

 Then you had the drama with Roger Miller. He is such a great soccer icon not just  in Cameroon but in the world of soccer. Hence I am going to have an intentional amnesia and keep being a big fan of the man

At some point I thought former fiesyt Liverpool defender Rigobert Song who has been to 3 world cups with the Lions was being considered for the coaching position but apparently the government didnt want to meet his "financial" demands? lol but they'll happily do it for a white foreign coach? smh........

Then we got a new coach Jean Paul Akono  a Cameroonian....No offense to former coach Denis Lavagne but i've never been able to understand why African teams always pick foreign coaches/white men aka the mental slavery never stops...paying them extremely high salaries when there are well qualified Cameroon citizens (ex-pro athletes and pple who know the business and probably have a better interest of the team's success at heart than a foreigner) for the job.....there is no excuse for that mess....

BUT.....it seems Mr Lavagne wasnt fired.....just suspended by the ministry of sports...and Get this...He gets to keep his salary and benefits till his contract runs out in October 12th 2012.....who negotiated this? I want to recruit them on my next job interview negotiations...Life must be awesome for Mr Lavagne

And lastly the new captain Nicolas Nkoulou was relieved of his duties by the newly appointed coach Akono who has made statements that may suggest that Eto'o Fils is coming back?

But then it seem Eto'o Fils is putting his foot down and wants some of his concerns with FECAFOOT to be addressed before he even considers a discussion about coming back to the team.

Merde, I cant keep up with the mess

Thank God the English Premiere League is On

When will they stop with the politics and get down to the business that'st actually going to make every one happy? It's not like we don't have the talents and skills....just horrible horrible management.

 Winning games = Happy Soccer Fans
 Winning Games = International recognition of players and the country's soccer program = $$$$
 Winnings Games = Outside interests by Sponsors/Investors/businesses = $$$ for players + program
 Winning Games = Flare up the dying national pride in us all...footy fan or not     

Like I said....everyone walks away happy

The good news is...in life or any situation...once you hit bottom you have nowhere else to go but UP. 

Have we hit bottom?

The Lions play Cape Vert in Yaounde in the African Nations Cup 2013 Eliminations rounds on October 13th. Anyone attending the game and wants to collaborate with  me for a post-game blog post please contact me at laurettaashu@gmail.com

S/O to quatier Nkoambang and Essos ^_^....sorryy'all couldnt help myself....A girl's gotta rep

Just another Phase of Modern day Africa Recolonisation

My sentiments?...Disgusted
Read and be amazed

A truck drives through a palm oil plantation in Indonesia’s Central Kalimantan province. Over the past decade, the area planted with oil palm in Indonesia has almost tripled. / REUTERS

A New York venture capital firm, which has leased some 180,000 acres of land in Western Africa to create one of the world’s largest palm oil plantations, has abruptly ceased efforts to obtain an independent certification that its operation is socially and environmentally responsible.

The firm, Herakles Capital, withdrew on August 24 from an internationally-recognized protocol for certifying that its $350 million palm oil project in Cameroon met minimum standards set by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, or RSPO. Instead, the company says, it will start clearing the land and establish its own environmental and social standards later.

We’re going to develop our own standard, and we think it will meet or exceed what RSPO has in place,” Bruce Wrobel, chief executive of Herakles, told 100Reporters. He said the company would ask academics to help it draft standards that would apply only to Cameroon.

It’s unclear which companies or organizations, if any, would recognize such a standard – or what it could mean if individual companies start breaking away from the roundtable to create their own rules.

The dispute is unfolding amid a sharp increase in large-scale land acquisitions in Africa and elsewhere over the last four years. Such deals are rising along with the global demand for food, fuel and mineral resources — leading foreign companies and governments to buy up rights to vast tracts of land, often without citizen oversight. These long-term leases are quietly redrawing the maps of Africa and much of the developing world. The projects can pit companies promising jobs and economic development against those who question the impact for local populations and the environment. Research by the World Bank and others suggests that the promised benefits seldom materialize.

Environmentalists and indigenous groups attacked the company’s decision to abandon its bid, and have long been critical of Herakles Farms, the firm’s subsidiary involved in the Cameroon project. They claim the company is riding roughshod over the rights of villagers and disregarding the environmental consequences of its plans.

In a scathing report released this week, the California-based Oakland Institute and Greenpeace accused Herakles of operating outside of the law, intimidating opponents and obscuring the project’s true effect on the environment.

Anuradha Mittal, the Oakland Institute’s executive director, said that Herakles, like some other corporations rushing to develop large tracts of African land in recent years, is more talk than walk in working with the affected communities.

“The so-called benefits to local communities that have been promised, they’re just not there,” Mittal said.

A Ruinous History

Large-scale development in underprivileged corners of the globe has a less-than-stellar track record of doing right by the environment and indigenous populations. And certain agricultural endeavors, like palm oil, have a particular sordid history.

Palm oil — obtained from the fruit of oil palm trees — is the most widely used vegetable oil in the world. It makes its way into countless food items, and even products like toothpaste and soap. Its role as a biofuel has further sparked a surge in demand for palm oil, as countries in Europe and elsewhere thirst for alternative energy sources.

The RSPO’s creation followed reports of reckless palm oil development in Indonesia, now the world’s largest source of palm oil, that devastated vast swaths of rainforest. The roundtable brings together everyone from growers, manufacturers and buyers to environmentalists and investors, with the goal of setting and enforcing global standards for responsible palm oil production.

Debbie Hammel, a land specialist with the Natural Resources Defense Council – which is not involved in the Herakles dispute – said RSPO and similar industry-wide groups serve an important function in policing the marketplace.

“One of the good things about RSPO is there is a mechanism for complaints and a formal review. You also have independent auditing to determine whether a company is actually doing what it says it wants to do,” Hammel said.

The company’s decision to withdraw from RSPO comes amidst a long-simmering battle over the project. Herakles obtained a 99-year lease in 2009 from the government of Cameroon for more than 180,000 acres to develop the palm oil plantation.

my  interjection...99years?!!!!!! waaaahh and what does cameroon get out of the deal?..oh wait...whatever benefit will go to government officials and commoners can only hope if it will TICKLE DOWN to them...am ready for the next coming for Christ.

Herakles, which operates in the country as SG Sustainable Oils Cameroon Ltd., says its goal is to bring employment and a stable food supply to an impoverished area. The company contends its land holdings consist of existing farmland or previously logged forests designated for development by the government.

Earlier this year, when Herakles applied to get its Cameroon project certified, opponents – including five environmental groups and several academics from James Madison University, Duke University and Germany’s University of Goettingen – filed a formal complaint with RSPO, citing alleged violations of the group’s standards.

The watchdog group began investigating the charges, and also made attempts to mediate the dispute between both sides.

But on August 24, Herakles sent the RSPO a letter: It was withdrawing its application, and resigning its membership. Doing so meant the investigation – not yet complete – was over. The move drew a fury of criticism from environmental groups claiming the company was abandoning the certification bid because it knew it could not meet the guidelines. Herakles countered that it had waited long enough for a decision that might never come.

Money on the Line

Wrobel said Herakles felt the RSPO process was needlessly long.

“We pulled out because we had been pushing them for an answer, and when we learned that the answer was going to be doing still more studies with no logical end, we were at risk of losing our agreements,” Wrobel said. He said the government of Cameroon was growing impatient that development has not moved more quickly, in accordance with their lease agreement.

Local opponents of the project – including village officials and even certain members of parliament representing the area – are up against powerful interests in the Cameroon government itself, a number of whom support the project. A spokesman for Cameroon’s U.S. embassy did not respond to questions from 100Reporters.

But beyond government impatience, Herakles also had money on the line: in the form of three nurseries that were busting at the seams with baby oil palm trees waiting to be planted. While the overall project has been stalled, the company did build the nurseries, which covered about 75 acres.

There are currently 70,000 trees that are overdue to be planted, Wrobel said, which would require just over 1,200 acres. Another 1.5 million trees are in earlier stages of growth, and would eventually need about 15,000 acres of land to be transferred to the field.

Frederic Mousseau, policy director at the Oakland Institute and author of the group’s report on Herakles, said he doubted the company’s claims that pressure from the government of Cameroon or “dire humanitarian needs”—as the company stated in its withdrawal letter to the RSPO—led it to pull its certification application. Rather, he said it was “the economic reason.”

“Claiming that this project will address ‘dire humanitarian needs in Cameroon’ demonstrates a company’s complete lack of touch with the actual situation on the ground and the livelihoods of the people,” Mousseau said.

Wrobel said before the company pulled out of RSPO, it offered a number of concessions. He said Herakles offered to reduce the amount of land it was initially seeking certification for – initially from about 150,000 acres down to just over 22,000 acres. Then later, this summer, to about 5,000 acres. He claims both those suggestions were rejected.

“If you have someone who’s determined to stop a project, it’s like you can use the RSPO process to make sure the project might be stopped,” Wrobel said.

“Consequences for Decades”

Samuel Nguiffo, director of the Center for Environment and Development in Cameroon, which participated in the report, said demand for land in his country has skyrocketed in recent years. He said old plantations throughout the country generally totaled about 1.2 million acres – producing a range of different crops. But now more than 5 million acres were being eyed for large-scale commercial development of agriculture products, including rice, sugar and palm oil.

Nguiffo said the Herakles plantation isn’t the largest project in the works in Cameroon or West Africa, but how it’s proceeded has caused alarm over what standards will govern future developments in his country.

“Those precedents will have consequences for decades,” Nguiffo said. “There’s no way back if we fail.”

He called the Herakles project the “best example of what should not happen,” and said that opponents feel they have to make their stand.

Abandoning the RSPO certification isn’t without its consequences for Herakles.

Hammel, the land specialist with the NRDC, said global buyers of products like palm oil rely on independently verified certifications like RSPO.

“We’re seeing buyers increasingly incorporate these standards into their purchasing decisions,” Hammel said. “It can be complicated for a large buyer to make that assessment for themselves, so to the extent that there’s an audited mechanism that they can turn to, they find that increasingly attractive.”

But Herakles hopes it can get around that: Wrobel said the company plans to sell most if not all of its palm oil within Africa itself, and African buyers aren’t as active in RSPO.

Herakles now appears ready to get rolling on developing its plantation.

Wrobel told 100Reporters that the company intends to move the project forward to find places to put those 1.5 million trees growing in the nursery.

“We’re going to identify 6,000 hectares [about 15,000 acres],” he said.

Opponents have no intention of giving up the fight, however, and are seeking to raise public pressure for the government to intervene.

The report contends that a project as large as Herakles’ plantation cannot move forward in Cameroon without a Presidential decree granting permission, which it does not have – and also that a local court injunction from earlier this year prevents it from proceeding. (The company disputes those assertions, claiming it does not need a Presidential decree and that the local court injunction was subsequently lifted.)

Accompanying its report, the Oakland Institute also released a 20-minute documentary it produced – in which dozens of villagers and local leaders criticize the company’s behavior. Some of them accuse Herakles of using pressure tactics and say company officials appeared unwilling to sign written contracts. Villagers said the company also made promises to provide them with working water wells and schools in return for their cooperation, but didn’t follow through.

Herakles officials disagree with nearly every assertion made in the report. The company contends its plantation will provide steady jobs and economic growth to communities that have been largely isolated from the marketplace. It says opponents represent a minority opinion in the villages.

“It’s poverty that’s the real environmental issue,” Wrobel said. “That’s what we’re focused on.”

With large-scale land acquisitions on the rise in Africa, any large commercial development is a sensitive issue for local communities who have seen too many foreign-funded projects go wrong. (Even Wrobel called Indonesia’s palm oil development an “environmental disaster.”)

A Philosophical Divide

The Herakles dispute in Cameroon reveals a fundamental philosophical divide about development in Africa – one that is long-standing when it comes to aiding the continent: should outside organizations be trying to industrialize impoverished communities and bring “modern” jobs that come with a plant or agri-business operation? Or should they be working to accommodate those communities’ traditions and connecting them to the global marketplace? Add environmental effects to the equation, and you’ve got a tinderbox of passions to navigate.

Wrobel contends that planting millions of oil palm trees and building the refinery are a better use of the land than forests or cocoa fields to raise the standard of living.

“We’re not planting those trees for environmental reasons. We’re planting them for poverty eradication reasons,” Wrobel said.

But advocates for more sustainability and self-determination say the company is imposing its will on local villages – and that local farmers who have lived independently for years in Cameroon are at risk of being converted into low-paid hourly employees of large multinational companies.

“Sustainable production of palm oil by small farms is possible and is already happening on the continent. Half of the palm oil in Cameroon is produced by small farms, which employ comparatively more people and in a sustainable way, respecting natural resources,” said Mousseau, the report’s author.  “Effective alternatives are there and must be considered.”

Cameroon currently produces more than 230,000 tons of palm oil per year, he said.

“We need to help African farmers invest in the resources that are there, instead of erasing them from the map,” Mousseau said.

Wrobel himself is just as unyielding, saying that poor villagers should have a chance at a steady income.

“They have a right to live,” he said.

Those words, taken on their own, may be the only thing the two sides agree on.

Where...what does the cameroon government leadership have to say about this? Obviously they couldn't care less as long as they pocket their cut of the investment and sponsor their families to live luxurious lifestyles abroad.....

Life after American Football - what happens with the excess weight?

Today's sports medicine article review is about football players (especially line backers) and their struggle with maintaining a "healthy" weight while at the same time meeting the physical demands of their sports.

You can read the article HERE by VancouverSun, titled "Weighty issue for football's big men".

The article makes the following points

1. Football players are getting bigger and bigger (280 - 340lbs)

2. Despite their weight, these athletes go through rigorous strength training programs to maintain athletic fitness + performance

3. Some sports medicine professionals struggle with placing them in a particular category because the average 340lb person does not exercise at the same intensity that footballers do

4. Irrespective of their physical prowess, sports medicine staffs should monitor their BMIs, BP, cholesterol levels and waist circumference on a regular basis especially those with a family history of diabetes, stroke, and cardiovascular disease

5. Athletes who have to bulk up because of their sports need to make sure they do not maintain the same large potion sizes diet off season or after retirement.


While reading the article, I was reminded of my college soccer preseason days = 3 sessions a day of 2hrs a session  = 6hrs/day training.
Those where the days when no matter how awful my college student budget's diet aka Chinese buffets + dollar menu at Mcdonalds , I remained lean and muscular because of the intense training.

Do I still eat the same way? Of course not. 
Really? Yes
Are you sure? Ok fine. No. 
                                                Why should I? I heard "curvy"women are the new sexy

Do I still practice/work out 6hrs a day?...Yes i do in my dreams where all things are possible :)

 And that is the biggest problem I see with obese retired college footballer players/line backers..

.....(Obviously this is a generalization statement that does not apply to those who have lost the excess weight.My experience is limited to  college level football players. Am assuming the pros can afford to hire chefs + trainers + nutritionists plus they have a Hollywood image to protect)....

- They are still eating EXCESSIVELY

-  They, like most athletes in any contact sport at that level, have some sort of residual injury that places limits on their ability to exercise at high intensities

- The lack of support/education by the athletic staff/program for alumni players

The reality is in most athletic programs, once you are no longer part of the team (graduated..retired..was kicked out lol...etc), you're done.  .You are on your own. 

.....That's why its important to leave a legacy or record or championship behind. Just saying...
(s/o to the w.soccer program of my alma mater, both USA & AFRICA)....

As an alumni football player, it's up to you, to be proactive and start the journey back to being a healthy weight for an average active  individual.

I think that for sports such as american football, where players are encouraged to put on the pounds, there should be some sort of  post-football weight loss program to help alumni players loose the weight. Most of these players not only have to battle weight lost but are most likely nursing an orthopedic injury and no longer have the luxury of a sports medicine staff

Bet on You

Today has been an awesome day.

I took a chance on myself and my abilities and it paid up ^_^

I went into this new venture thinking...maybe am not good enough...what if they say i just graduated from school and haven't had the necessary experience...what if they judge me by my age and not by my skills.

what ifs...what ifs...what ifs

But I decided to let go of the doubts, prayed to GOD for strength and wisdom and came out of the experience with a job.

I wish i could go into the details of the crazy circumstances surrounding me getting this job but i cant. I dont even know where to begin.....It was one of those crazy days that began with the job interview people having to pick me up  1/2 way on a raining day in order for me to attend my own interview crazy right?...even more crazy when they asked me to come back the next week...and then  offer me the job upon my return

Lesson du jour: Never Give up....seriously what's the worst that can happened? You actually succeeding?

Une affaire D'amour: A letter from one mistress to Another

" To Love Oneself is the beginning of a life long romance"
____Oscar Wilde

Location: Revere Beach, MA...

My friend and I went hunting for some "healthy" ice cream for him and yogurt for me and ended up at the beach. 

In my defense a 6+ mile workout had been achieved earlier in the morning so the sweet tooth dessert was well deserved

When you look at the ocean and all the other natural wonders of the world, how can people not believe in GOD?

 I work hard in life for days like these...Good company...Good conversation...Peace of mind....
La joie de vivre....

Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it.  Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many.  Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books.  Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders.  Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations.  But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.  ~Buddha

Someday I'll like to own a lake side property.....not a beach front condo...but something where am surrounded by trees and nature...with room to grow my own  yam and potatoes in my back yard :)

Paparazzi caught someone trying to tif ma coconut ice cream....#Caught! .lol :)

As I always say, if you're going to indulge...WALK to your food :)....we walked like 2-3 miles to get to this ice cream and then walked some more after it.
____Cosigned by my thunder-thighs

#Exercise IS Medicine.

September : Sickle Cell Awareness (USA)

Sickle Cell Disease :  A genetic disorder that results in the premature death of red blood cells. Patients are constantly short of red blood cells. Abnormally shaped sickle cells will sometimes block other blood cells.

One of the primary functions of red blood cells is to carry oxygen and we all know the many amazing functions/benefits of oxygen in our body

gShort of bone marrow transplant in severe cases, there is currently no cure for sickle cell disease...just treatments to manage symptoms and prevent complications

Sickle Cell and Exercise
Even though most people with sickle cell have to battle against many different conditions from abdominal pain,joint pain and fatigue to shortness of breath, it is possible to incorporate exercise into their lifestyles.

1.Strength Training: Because  of shortage of oxygen delivery by red blood cells to working muscles, there is a shortage in energy production through the aerobic system). = fatigue easily

- Avoid high impact exercises
- use light weights
- Examples include : Le Press, Leg extension, Leg Curl, Leg dead lift, quads stretches,

2. Aerobic Training: Because people with sickle cell easily fatigue, improving endurance is a good goal for this group

- avoid high intensity or high contact activities
- hydrate + hydrate + hydrate
- Examples include speed walking, low intensity running,

Swimming in WARM WATER in a good exercise for this population since most of them experience joint pain.

- I emphasis warm water because cold water will require you're body to burn more energy to keep warm
- I will not suggest deep water diving or activities which decreases your ability to use and transport oxygen
- Warm water is good for relieving joint pain                                                      

And since this is sometimes an exercise blog, I can't close out without highlighting what the athletic world is doing to promote Sickle cell Anemia Awareness.

This is Ryan Clark..........

 He plays american football for the Steelers #25

Clark who has the sickle cell trait is launching an organisation called THE CURE LEAGE. This organisation is a collaboration between supporters, the Institute of Transfusion Medicine, University of Pittsburg's medical center and vascular medicine institute. Their purpose is to try and find a cure for sickle cell.

He announced this initiative today while the rest of his team traveled to Denver to play against the Bronco. Clark cannot play in Denver because the high altitude poses a medical risk. The last time he played in Denver..2007..he lost a spleen and gall bladder after experiencing abdominal pain on his left side. Clearly since that experience,  Denver is a NO PLAY zone for him.

Artiste du jour: Alec Lomami - Congolese

I had a cray-cray day. Nothing was going right despite my best efforts and intentions. When i finally sat down to get some work done, I realized I had left my bag of goodies pens,pencils, office supplies & etc at home. It was like the universe was telling me to go home and chill out. so I did exactly just that and spent the day listening to and reading all about Alec Lomami and his mixed album of many other African artists "Africa in Your Ear buds"

Below is a music video of one of the songs that helped propel his music career

Lance Armstrong Quits fighting

As you've all heard...or not but now you know ^_^, 7 time tour de France winner Lance Armstrong has decided to stop fighting the United States Anti Doping Agency's latest doping allegations against him.

By choosing to quit, he risk losing all his titles and  being banned from ever competing in cycling again.
The verdict is not out yet but i pray the above case is a worst case-scenario type of deal.

I read the press release about why he is quitting. He is tired of all the allegations even after he has in the past showed up and not failed any of the many doping tests they had asked him to do. The USADA claims that they have new evidence and testimonies from his former team mates....some of whom have in the past tested positive for using drugs...interesting

By quitting we may never truly know if he did participate in the doping allegations some of his former team mates are claiming. 
I wish he would not quit because as far as am concerned if he never did anything wrong then nothing will show up right? The proof will be in the "pudding"..as they say....

But then again..in his defense...has has been tested in the past on numerous occasions...and he passed all his tests.

And the traitor team mates...I wonder...what are their motives?
Why testify now?
Will they have testified if they had not been caught?
I find it hard to believe that they will just make up a story about Lance Armstrong, putting whatever little is left of their athletic career on the line to testify if they didn't have the evidence to support their claims....

We may never Know

Irrespective of what's going on with Mr Armstrong, I LOVE how his organisation, LIVESTRONG, born out of his own battle with cancer, has evolved into a great resource and help center for the millions of people dealing with cancer.

I especially like how exercising and healthy living are big platforms of the organisation.

In the world of modern sports performance where there are so many avenues to improve your performance whether its gear design, drugs and genetically altered nutrition, one has to wonder if the athletes of today are really as great as the athletes of the past who relied on nothing but their natural innate God given athletic skills.

At what point does it stop being naturally groomed talent? Is it really an "athletic" competition  anymore? when so many components are being altered?

The lines are getting blurry

And with the current level of growth hormones in our every day groceries, we are seeing a rise in the morphology of our teenagers. I mean look at 16yrs old london 2012 medalist Missy Franklin

Until recently, while going through my graduate program in exercise science, I was naive in all things related to GNC & co products....It did not occur to me that even recreational athletes or people who just enjoyed working out...where trying to enhance their performances by taking supplements. I mean, there's no medal, no trophy at the end of the day. Its just you. So unlike those competing for a price why do they do it?

Don't get me wrong..i was aware of steroid use and etc in the athletics side but i wasn't aware of how much the average person who wants to "loose weight" and recreational athletes where abusing the use of supplements.

If you support his decision to quit check out

For more information about  LIVESTRONG
http://www.livestrong.org/....they have something for everyone, whether you are a competitive athlete to someone just looking to start on a path of healthy living..or someone wanting to provide help/needing help with cancer related issues

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