August 23, 2012

Victoria VS Dove Ads

I recently came across this on the web.


Here we go again....I do wish Dove had some skinny models. I have a lot of size 0 friends..mind u am not a small or skinny...but i'v seen some of them do everything in the books including drinking up bottles of pediasure? to gain weight since most African men like some meat in their women :).....Sigh...

As for Victoria Secret....need I even comment? There's a reason why they are modeling agencies who have to comb through the nooks & cranes of the world to find these women because the average woman does not look like this....and yes even for the ones that have healthy lifestyle is part of their jobs as models to maintain a certain size. Its part of what they get paid for. Their body is their JOB.

So How do I feel  about this picture? I'm indifferent to it...because I am aware/educated on their reality of what these images represent. My biggest fear with the Real Women Have Curves movement is that some people use that as an excuse to not address the health risks with being over weight. Or to deny even being over weight. Or misinterpret it to mean...FAT is ok.

You can be a real woman with curves BUT make sure you have good BP, Triglycerides, Cholesterol, % Body fat, BMI, LDL, HDL numbers.

So in conclusion, it doesnt matter how big, small, skinny, or "curvy" you look....What do your numbers say?

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