Lights!Camera!Action! Take#2

What I've been up to lately when my face isnt 6ft deep in American College of Sports Medicine text books

I took a quick gateway weekend trip to Atlanta: what can i say...a girl never forgets her first love

I love this view of Atlanta

At the Clayton State University Women Soccer Alumni game

Good friends = Good times....

For a friend's birthday, I had some edible arrangements delivered

I cooked some snails ALL THE WAY FROM CAMEROON ^_^.......Yummmmmmmyyy! Don't knock it till you've tried it

I found a new restaurant in MA that I will definitely be visiting again...SUYA JOINT...the food was delicious and the atmosphere was good + CLEAN + PROPER. I'll definitely recommend it for anyone who wants to try West African cuisine irrespective of the country

I went with a friend from Nigeria who was casually "offended" that they used a Giraffe next to the word SUYA instead of a do you think? I didnt care. I was hungry and wanted some SUYA.

By the way...their SUYA is the AUTHENTIC one...not the nonsense you see people putting any kind of cow meat on a stick and calling it SUYA.
My nephew...what an adorable bébé

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