DIY: Changing the Batteries of Watches

A couple of days ago, while getting ready for an event i ran into a problem...All my watches with the exception of 1 ( my iron man triathlon sports watch) had stopped working. Granted I have been aware of the  situation for the last couple of months years...i'd made no effort to fix it. The lazy fiend in me always finds a way to justify purchasing a new watch instead of spending $5 on replacement batteries.

And so as you'll have it, the very next day, I bought a new watch

Unfortunately, this time around, my conscious went into over drive. It wouldn't let me enjoy my new watch in PEACE. After a lot of back and forth arguments with my self...which by the way made me look like a mad woman...I made a vow not to wear the new fossil watch until I had replaced the batteries in my older watches.

The Patients :
Upper Quadrant: Guess(L) Dooney & Bourke (R)
Lower Quadrant : Japan Movement (L & R) 
The Tools:

The Results

The Casualty:

Now I can wear my new watch in PEACE
And the Bonus? +4 FUNCTIONAL watches to swap around

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