Birth Control Pills for Men

The buzz around the science world is that scientists have been successful in reducing?/freezing? sperm production in male mouse. Obviously the end goal will be to see if the same can be done for humans = male specie

Read the abstract HERE

I hope to God scientists will be successful in developing a birth control pill for MEN.Its about time they do.

I keep reading all these articles where they quote people saying...OH will be a relief..My husband/bf has been equally worried as i(female) am, about getting pregnant....LIARS!

Since when have men been worried about not having birth control? They have condoms and you cant get some of them to use that even with all the PSAs about STDS and HIV.

JQ1 Mechanism of Action

Men have been happy with not having to shoulder THAT responsibility. Not having to make the choice, effort, or deal with the medical consequences of being on birth control. Even if they practice unsafe sex, at the end of the day, its the woman who has to deal with the pregnancy. Even if they do pay child support, it does not account for the mental /physical stress of being a single mother.

Disclaimer: Obviously there are still some sensible people in the world...WE THANK GOD..who are making the right choices when it comes to family planning and their sexual lifestyle. And this message if not for them

Here are my reasons why men(16 - 25) should be FORCED to be on birth control.

1. 16 + pregnant is a NO NO...Since we cant stop them kids from being sexually active...lets stop them from getting pregnant. Most teenage girls today are on birth control already so the little boys need to catch up.

2. With both partners on birth control, the chances of irresponsible people having kids is greatly reduced. We have enough abandoned and homeless kids in the world stuck in our departments of child protection services.Enough with the selfish acts at the expense of another's life.

3. To the people who say Birth control will make men more promiscuous = more STDs....As if the reverse of this stopped men from being promiscuous. NOTHING ON EARTH can stop a man from cheating if he wants to... even if it will cause him great harm or even worst - DEATH......aka Sexual Suicides in some male animals and insects species

Another Male Birth Control pill: RISUG &Vasalgel - Mechanism of Action. Apparently is already in clinical trials in India and the company's goal is to market it as early as 2015

4. This will reduce the rate of abortions. I've heard of men forcing their girl friends to have an abortion because the man was not ready to be a father...Well finally here's an outlet where you get to have some of the control...instead of relying on women to take the pill, you can control it from your end. No more excuses....I will think that all  rich and poor men who don't want the burden of child support will happily climb the bandwagon....No longer will a woman trick you into staying in a relationship by lying about taking her pills so she can get pregnant with your child.

5. Because am sorry but most men 16- 25 today in this modern times  ....EMPHASIS ON MOST + MODERN*....are not ready to be responsible fathers.....the facts speak for themselves....Gone are the days when men where MEN and had a sense of Duty and Honour. A man's word had value.

6. Because if our government is trying to make abortion illegal for a woman then we have to force men to take pills that will prevent us from having those unwanted pregnancies...double the protection

7. Isnt it ironic that men are okay with all the probing and pricking and surgeries and science that has been done for women birth control but now they say scientists should be focusing their attn on much more important things than birth control for men?

I am looking forward to reading the ridiculous points the same people who justify health insurance coverage for Viagra but not birth control pills for women will have to say about this.

Other method I read about on

Vas based vasectomy

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