August 22, 2012

Alex Song - Futbol

Alexandre Dimitri Song Billon signs with FC Barcelona 

He follows in the footsteps of fellow Cameroonian player Eto Fils to become the 7th African player to join the club. The others include  Yaya Touré of Côte d'Ivoire, Seydou Kieta of MaliAlberto Mendonça of Angola and Samuel OkunowoEmmmanuel Amunike from le Nigéria

This is the disgusting politics of professional soccer that pisses me off. And i dont even like the gunners but Song was a great defender for Arsernal and am not sure about the starts but i think he had the most assists.

Any hows..I hope He does well in Barcelona

 He passed his physical...

Oh lord please help me get my dream job of joining the sports medicine team of a professional soccer team. O.K? I'm working on my degrees and Licenses. AMEN!

                     Pics Source: FCBarcelona

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