July 26, 2012

London 2012 Soccer 1st Rounds

I have enjoyed watching the opening soccer games. There was some surprises and disapointments.

Cameroon lost 5 - 0 to brazil...well and proper what can I say? there's a reason why they are call the king + queens of the games...

I never got a chance to see South Africa play but I look forward to watching them on Saturday...

So far for the women's team, I am impressed with N.Korea....I cant say much about team likes Brazil,USA, France because those are regulars,. I know their M.O. Am looking for some new talents or something refreshing

I do have to say Cameroon's defense looked good. Most of the goals where conceived on set pieces....and for their first appearance at a major international event, this isn't just sucks their opening game was against one of the best team in the world.

As for the men's team..I was very impressed with Morocco, Japan and Gabon.
Senegal tied the Great Britain but i felt like they were not confident..they were giving too much respect to the other team instead of taking them on 1 v 1....As for defending...let's just say you better stack up some muscles if you're going to play against Senegal..they are kicking and shoving everything out of the way including the very air that they breath lol!

Here are some of my favorite pics that i though captured good moments so far from the Official Page of London 2012 and also from Corbis
 South Africa's Banyana Banyanas fell to sweden

GoalKeeper Annette Ngo Ndom of Cameroon, powerless against the mighty Brazilian. Even though am rooting for Cameroon, I can appreciate the talent/skills of other teams

 North Korea defeats Columbia

 Japan beats spain, the favourtie to win gold..shock-ER..1: 0

Moussa Konate of Senegal scores to make it 1-1 against Great Britain

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