RIP Aberdeen Shikoyi

As written on BBC AFRICA, the captain of the Kenya Women's Rugby Team, Aberdeen Shikoyi has passed away after sustaining a spinal cord injury from a previous game.

I've been trying to find an article that can provide more details about the nature of her injury because with spinal cord am thinking disability, and not necessarily death. One site, MichezoAfrika states that she was kneed  in the spine by an opponent and while on the floor, another player stepped on her neck!...The possibilities of injuries from the neck and spine are countless.

 I sadly wonder, what ever it may be..if it was preventable? If this had occurred in the west...will she still be death? I can never get over how people in Africa keep dying of  preventable circumstances. Having sport medicine staffs who are trained in emergency protocols on  the field during a game, especially in high contact sports such as rugby and football, can make the difference between Life and Death.

May her soul rest in peace.

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