My Fave arch ❤enemy

I love the internet. I love that you can literary file 24hrs away being completely useless on the world wide web.

 I remember back in the day, having a computer in your home was a luxury. Now you can connect to the web from anywhere including your phone. Churches, bookstores, shopping malls, airports and even parks now have wireless wifi connections.

I remember for those of us with no internet at home, coffee shops and libraries where the place to get da hook up. But the internet can also be your arch-nemesis when its time to sit down and get to business. Now, I find myself running away from all hot spots when i really have work to do. I try to go to places without internet connections so i can work from my laptop without the distractions of facebook, twitter, blogger and my

Do you know how HARD it is to find a place without internet connection in Boston?!

Good thing i left home dressed for the adventure


Before some of you say, why don't you just leave your laptop at home...well that's was the whole dilemma..i needed the laptop... Microsoft word to be specific...but i didnt want the temptations of a wifi....
I finally found a Starbucks with no wifi   attached to a marriot or something hotel in Back Bay.

The view from my sit was great and i was able to enjoy my Starbucks coffee and still get some work done.
I wonder if anyone has come up with a concept of SHUT UP AND STUDY parlors....places that serve tea/coffee but strictly meant for studying for people who just need their text books + computer and don't want to be tempted by the internet...This studying environment is for people who lack discipline like me :) when it comes to staying away from that funny cat video on Youtube. I'm gonna try and do some research to see if there are any wifi-less coffee shops am not ware of. It has to be a chill out place and in my humble opinion dunkin donoughts does not count. Yes they don't have wifi but their environment is not usually condusive or designed with comfortable furnitures for people who want to study for a number of hours.
Here are some pics i took during my short breaks. 

death to reading EKGS! One of my least favourite things to do the way there are SEVERAL of them right off the BackBay?BayBack? Train stop..competition much?

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