Malibu Pilates Pro Workout Machine

My dad....God bless his heart :) ...decided to buy the Malibu Pilates Pro in an attempt to jump start his inactive lifestyle. He did it without telling me because he knew my first reaction would have been NO. NO & NO.

We live right across an amazing park filled with a running track, football field, soccer field, lacrosse field, baseball field, running trails, hiking hills and so many more workout options. There's no need to buy this machine.

However, the deed has been done and now am going to try this machine for about a week, going through all the DVDs that came with it to see if the routines really target the muscles they claim to. One week is not enough to see any physical changes. I just want to go through the workout and see if i can feel the stretches or impact it has on my muscles.

Here is a picture of the machine

 Sculpt and tone your muscles with a low-impact workout that pairs the sculpting power of traditional Pilates with intense, fat-burning cardio exercises. The chair's adjustable spring resistance allows you to focus on whichever area troubles you the most — arms, legs, buns, thighs or abs.

 It came with several instructional DVDs for different workouts

1. Malibu Pilates Basics/Sculpt & Tone workout DVD 

2. Cardio Sequencing workout DVD 

3. Accelerated Results workout DVD

4. Total Body Make Over/Target Specific Training 2 DVD set 

5. Mari's Dynamic Sequencing Workout DVD 

6. Susan Lucci's Favorite Moves workout DVD 

I'm pretty sure it works, but not as a stand alone complex but when combined with actual workouts for cardio such as RUNNING...and etc....Also, I don't think this is a safe machine for people with dexterity/balance issues such as the elderly.....
I will be doing a follow up post about 2 weeks from today to talk about my experience with the Malibu Pilates Pro

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