May 16, 2012

Make it fun

The week started off with rain and very dull weather. To keep myself entertained with the constant rain beating on my window panes, I picked up 2 books from the library

Technically I should be too busy with my textbooks to have time for leisure reading but you know how  creative we procrastinators can be when it comes to making time for fun + play

On Exercise....

I got this abs exercise illustration workout from bye bye bidon
Exercise doesn't always have to be boring.
The author of the blog does monthly fun illustrations about exercises that target different muscle groups

Language alert :)'s in french

And since we are talking about band de dessins, here are some little harajuku lovers i've been collecting this spring.....i love all the scents except for one...which i don't quite remember at the moment but am pretty sure its "Lil Angel". 

I'm missing LOVE...The store had ran out of them at my time of purchase...I'm gonna go back and get it
I  like them for spring because they are not a "strong" scent . They have a lingering sweet, flower-esque scent that is not over powering. I use them for everyday wear but its not something i will recommend for a night out or date or formal event. 

Also, perhaps I haven't been paying attention but it doesn't seem like the scent last all day. Truth be told, I bought them because of the packaging more so than anything else. When it comes to perfumes and body sprays, am a Ralph Lauren and Lacoste lover. Over 13 yrs and counting.

I hope unlike me some of you are experiencing amazing sunny weather. 3 days to a sunny weekend but who's counting?

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