Wedding Madness Part 1

1The last 2 weeks have been a whirl wind of celebrating weddings, bachelorette aka hen parties, bachelor’s parties and engagement announcements bbqs. Given how hard I had been studying and working, a little vacation reward was needed to encourage the hard work.
I spent the last 2 weekends in Atlanta for all the events. No I did not go on a 10 day holidays but flew out during the weekend but came back to Boston to work then flew out again the following weekend. If this madness doe not explain how much I love Atlanta then nothing else will. Also, the idea of calling off work when am clearly spending $$$ that needs to be replaced in my ever starving* bank acct did not seem logical to me.

Traveling tip #1…..If you know waaaay ahead of time the fixed date of your travel, I suggest buying your flight tickets ASAP to save $$$. I’ve on more than one occasion booked RT tickets for less than $200 including taxes.

My first trip was spent mostly in Douglasville which is about 20 minutes north of the city. Since I was staying in the bride’s house, there was a lot of wedding errands, cooking and miscellaneous things to be done. I completely forgot to take blog-esque type pictures for posting.Good thing my friend had a camera. Most of these pics are courtesy of him
Friday evening was dinner after wedding rehearsals then I met up with some friends at a local pub downtown for the night. It was a windy soirée with a gust so strong it was moving my 200lbs large frame about like a piece of paper

Saturday, the D-DAY was Despite all the little issues that occur with producing such a large event, everything went on smoothly. The wedding was very nostalgic and reminded me of mass in Yaounde. From the Lesans choir who sang Cameroon mass songs, to the tradition of the bride’s mother bringing the bible and the delivery of gifts by the wedding party, it was a Cameroon catholic wedding through and through. Once again my camera was no where to be found and thanks again to a certain monsieur for all the wonderful pictures he took.


The reception was at a beautiful location in downtown Atlanta. The hall was well decorated and matched the over all theme of the wedding. As soon as I saw my good friend Dj Fly setting up his gadgets, I knew I was gonna be dancing the night away till the security kicked us out.

Fear not. This is not all I ate. I am NOT on a diet. You don’t get to be my size by eating rabbit food. I just took a moment from food scavenging to pose for the pic.
Sunday was a whirlwind of me trying to rest from the previous night, pack for Boston but also trying to catch up with girlfriends. There was a lot of laughter and hugs around. I felt like moving back to Georgia and picking up my life where I had left it.Women are so nurturing. Their love, affection and acceptance is better than any pharmaceutical pill a doctor will ever recommend.

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