Text Book Recommendations

As I mentioned in the past, the last 2 months have been all about studying. Here are the books I have been reading and I'll highly recommend them to anyone who is interested in a career in sports medicine, exercise science and physical rehabilitation medicine. There are my "work bibles".

There are many other books I own not shown in this picture but another one I must mention which is currently in my work bag is the ACSM Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription. I love this book. It addresses working with special populations from pregnant women ,geriatric, diabetics, cancer and many more.
For the record, this post is NOT sponsored by the American College of Sports Medicine.
As an exercise physiologist, its very important to stay update with new information. This rule of thumb applies to any career. You want to stay informed with the new changes, regulations, laws, protocols and research data in your field. Not only does this make you an efficient and insightful worker but being able to discuss current intel at an interview shows your employer how dedicated you are about your career.

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