April 10, 2012

Back to the Future

I recently attended an amazing woman's 50th Golden Jubilee Birthday Celebration. The event was packed with friends, family members, co workers and even some of her past students from when she was a teacher, showed up to honor her. I was deeply touched by all their wonderful testimonies about the impact she made in their lives.

To top of the event, some of her classmates from when she was a young girl in boarding school (Okoyong-Cameroon), were also present at the event. Amazing to see the sisterhood continue after 30 years of graduating.  As a product of boarding school myself, and also as a girl with no sisters, I cannot stress how important the friendships i made in school are to me today.

The event got me thinking about my life. When I turn 50....we shall not talk about how far/near I am to that figure :)....

- will I still have the same friendships I have today?

- will i like the lady above be surrounded by friends and families

-will i be a grandmother? wife? or a spinster/the cat woman? coz the way my love life is going the third option seems more probable.

- will i BE HAPPY?

-Will I have accomplished some of the long term goals I have current set for myself and be on my way to retirement?

- Will I be fulfilled?

-If I do have regrets how bad will they be?

- Will there be any tragedies in my life?

I know its crazy to think that far or close ^_^ but as i sat at the occasion and watched the crowd, I said a silently prayer to God that may I live to celebrate my Golden Jubilee and may it be a happy moment for me.

Here are some pictures taken from the event

with my former Senior Prefect from Saker Clemetine

Bakweri people association performance

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