This weekend I participated in a conversation about social injustices in the black american community especially police racial profiling. This conversation spilled into Monday and now i feel the need to blog about my general opinion.

Before I continue, I will like to make a disclaimer that Yes, there are minorities in colleges and in the work force. Yes, not all minorities are from the ghetto and many other things that one now has to do a disclaimer on because people are too stupid and will want to use you're generalization as a crotch instead of actually focusing on the argument at hand.

Now, back to the topic at hand.

 I am very certain that I have blogged about this before because this is a topic that I feel very strongly about.

 As a first generation immigrant, living in america the first couple of years was HELL. As a family we suffered and struggled financially, emotionally, socially,...EVERYTHING-LY more than we had ever suffered in Africa. It was a reality SHOCK. We came into this country with nothing but the clothes on our backs and a couple of family souvenirs items like pictures and etc. Fast forward ten years later,  my brothers and I have all graduated from colleges/graduate programs and are now finding our way in the professional world.

This story is not strange and quiet similar to the experiences of  many other African immigrants sure its the same of people of other continents like Asia, South America and Europe but I can only speak of what i know/have experienced. 

Minority population of many colleges now a days is represented by minority foreigners or 1st/2nd generation immigrants and not so much by the minorities of america. Why is that?

Why are so many immigrants who came to america in worst conditions than the black america communities here, rising out of their hardship into becoming middle class families while the black communities seem to say the same?

I'm tired of the racism excuses. It's time the black american community, head of households, community leaders, organisations, role models, activists and mentors start holding themselves accountable for the drop in the number of kids who make it through high school and on to colleges. For the lack of diversity in the professional arena. 

Wake up! and stop playing the victim. 

In this 21st century america, You have no clue what it means to be oppressed. Perhaps as I've said before, its time for a reality show in which some of these kids are shipped to third world countries to experience EXACTLY what it means to be POOR and  OPPRESSED. 

To have talents & gifts & passiong but no opportunity. 

To have passion but no platform to be heard. 

To have your human and civil rights violated without cause.

 To go days without food, never knowing when your next meal will come.

To have NO government programs to help you out.

To have your government, made up of your fellow country men, willing to kill anyone to maintain their greedy lifestyles at your expense

To have a president who can just change the NATIONAL CONSTITUTION at will, so he can run for office AGAIN even though he's been president for over 20+ years

You're going to have to come up with a better excuse than racism. 

How can a child born today, attribute all of their life failures to racism especially when studies continue to show that there is a lack of discipline or drive to put in the hard work required to succeed?

How do you justify the success of immigrant who come here with less rights and minimal opportunities?

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