March 13, 2012

Winter/Early Spring 2012 PlayList

February and March has me spending a lot of time in textbooks, online, and in the library doing research and reading up on some projects and whatnot am currently working on. Hence, I've needed some good musique to keep me company during these daunting tasks. My current playlist has been in the R&B, jazz, blues, and Celtic sounds. They have helped me stay so immersed in my work on several occasions the librarian has had to literary tap me on the shoulder coz i didnt hear the intercom or see the blinking lights that where an indication of the library closing. What music keeps you focus while working/studying?

1. ASA

2. Richard Bona

3. Celtic Woman

4. Lord of the rings sound tracks...i know..random but have you listened to the musique? its amazing...while watching the film,you get so caught up in the story line i feel like you don't really appreciate the music compositions.

5. Manu Dibango

6. Enya

7.Henrie Dikongue

8. Oh Land.....hmm Indie musique but been listening to them too. Love, love love her sound.

9. AmywhineHouse

10. Whitney Houston...Not because I am a fan of her....I decided to explore her music because I was never her fan and i wanted to know why I never listened to her music. Besides her movie "Body Guard", I don't know anything about this artist. Given my Internationale eclectic taste in musique, how did we manage to by pass each other like 2 ships that pass in the night?

11. Brian Mcknight and BoyzIIMen...coz you cant have one without the other :)

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