The importance of routine general cardiopulmonary exams

Recently, during a European premiere league football game, Bolton’s mid field player Fabrice Muamba collapsed on the field. It was later diagnosed that he had experienced a cardiac arrest event while playing

Following this event, Today, march 22 another football midfield player across the continent in India, experienced the same thing! Unfortunately while Muamba lived to see another day, 27 years old Venkatesh, who played for A-division Bangalore Mars died of cardiac arrest.

You can read more about the incident at

They also have pictures which I would not recommend for the faint at heart.

This is really a sad day for football fans across the world.
For me, it brings back the memories of the death of Cameroonian football player Marc Vivian Foe of the same thing, cardiac arrest while playing. 

As a former competitive soccer player, I have sustained my own share of injuries including a kick in the head which resulted to a concussion and short term memory loss. I am forever grateful for getting out of the competitive world without any major orthopedic surgery.
Cardiac arrest is very much different from a heart attack.

Heart attacks typically occur because the arteries supplying blood to the heart muscles have become restricted or clogged. The reasons for these clogs are mostly associated with aging(wear and tear of the arteries) or having an unhealthy lifestyle( fat deposits/plaques blocking blood flow & etc.).

Meanwhile, a cardiac arrest occurs when the heart muscle, even though its receiving blood, it is unable to pump the blood to the rest of the body.The heart is either beating too fast, too slow or it just stops beating.

Fatal incidents such as the ones above emphasize the need for everyone, healthy or unhealthy to have regular cardiopulmonary physical exams. 

While maintaining a healthy active lifestyle is important, it is also important to have these exams. They help rule out or diagnose the presence of cardiovascular disease. Knowing that you are at risk of CVD or at an early stage of disease gives one the opportunity to take preventive measures such as a lifestyle change or drug therapy.

Remember preventive medicine, which could be as simple as a gym membership and exercise sessions of 30 minutes 3-4 days/week  and hiring a wellness coach is CHEAPER than a heart transplant or other cardiovascular surgeries and drug therapies that will follow if diagnosed with cardiovascular disease.

According to the America College of Sports Medicine, the risk stratification for POSITIVE RISK FACTORS of cardiovascular diseases include;

1. Age     men/45yr       women /55yr

2. Family history   1-degree male relative ,55yr    
                                1-degree female relative ,65yr

3. Smoking cigarettes

4. Having a sedentary lifestyle

5. Obesity       BMI .30kg.m2

6. Hypertension         140/90

7.Dyslipidemia – High levels of low density lipoprotein/LDL cholesterol  130mg.dl

8. Prediabetes such as high levels of impaired fasting glucose or failing the 2hrs oral glucose tolerance test

If If you have no experience or previous history of exercising, it is very important to get clearance from your general physician before under taking in a vigorous physical activity. 

I will also recommend getting a pulse reader/heart rate monitor watch so you can keep track of your heat rate during your exercise sessions  especially the cardio sessions. These watches can be bought at wal mart, target or any athletic gear or sports performance store.

Winter/Early Spring 2012 PlayList

February and March has me spending a lot of time in textbooks, online, and in the library doing research and reading up on some projects and whatnot am currently working on. Hence, I've needed some good musique to keep me company during these daunting tasks. My current playlist has been in the R&B, jazz, blues, and Celtic sounds. They have helped me stay so immersed in my work on several occasions the librarian has had to literary tap me on the shoulder coz i didnt hear the intercom or see the blinking lights that where an indication of the library closing. What music keeps you focus while working/studying?

1. ASA

2. Richard Bona

3. Celtic Woman

4. Lord of the rings sound tracks...i know..random but have you listened to the musique? its amazing...while watching the film,you get so caught up in the story line i feel like you don't really appreciate the music compositions.

5. Manu Dibango

6. Enya

7.Henrie Dikongue

8. Oh Land.....hmm Indie musique but been listening to them too. Love, love love her sound.

9. AmywhineHouse

10. Whitney Houston...Not because I am a fan of her....I decided to explore her music because I was never her fan and i wanted to know why I never listened to her music. Besides her movie "Body Guard", I don't know anything about this artist. Given my Internationale eclectic taste in musique, how did we manage to by pass each other like 2 ships that pass in the night?

11. Brian Mcknight and BoyzIIMen...coz you cant have one without the other :)

What company do you keep?

This past weekend , I attend the Harvard Business School's 14th Annual Africa Business Conference. It was a great networking opportunity and i walked away from the experience with the inspiration to keep pursuing my dreams. Since I attended a collection of panels based on different topics, its been hard trying to merge all the information into one blog post.

As a young professional, I cannot stress the importance of networking and following up on those contacts after the event. Initially when i registered for the conference, I was a little bit apprehensive on showing up alone giving that i am new in Boston and haven't really made any friends. However, I was pleasantly surprise to run into a lot of my friends from out of town and acquaintances i had met previously through other net working events. The icing on the cake was running into other Cameroonian health care professionals who where also trying to figure out the journey to go back home and work. As you can imagine there was much networking to be done :).

The whole experience had me thinking, you are the company you keep. I was happy to see my friends but i was not surprise because they like me, are very ambitious young Africans who set very high standards for both their professional and personal lives. Why else will you  pass on an event like this if you have the opportunity to attend? Whereas it might be problematique to have too many friends in your private life or on facebook, there is no such thing as knowing/having too many professional contacts in your career life. Especially in your specific sector be it business, healthcare, IT and etc.

Secondly, some employers attend networking events to recruit new talents. At the Harvard business conference, there was a company networking reception featuring companies such as Google, Daktari Diagnostics and many others in banking and finance. This is a better option of talking to companies and their human resource/recruiting staff instead of the typical online resume submitting process.

Over all, it was an amazing weekend and ended with me getting a promotion at work!  ^_^. March is turning out to be a good month for me. I thank you Jesus.

Some upcoming events on Exercise Science and Giving back to Africa that i am interested in attending include

  • ACSM's Health & Fitness Summit & Exposition  March 27-30, 2012 Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Face Africa 3rd Annual Gala & Clean Water Benefit on March 22nd at the St. Regis, New York
  • ACSM's 59th Annual Meeting and 3rd World Congress on Exercise is Medicine  May 29 - June 2, 2012   San Francisco, California


While the Zambians are still celebrating their  well deserved VICTOIRE, , the Africa cup of nations 2013 qualifying games have began. Cameroon played Guinea-Bissau and barely managed to score 3 mins to game wah oh...are these boys kidding me?!! At this rate we will never make an appearance in the 2014 world cup. Are they trying to tell us they are incapable of anything without Eto? This is their opportunity to shine and they are throwing it away in the gutter.

Here is a clip of the game-winning goal by striker Eric Choupo-Moting. Christ! the video footage looks like something from 1985. Courtesy of CRTV +  AFNEX

In other news, my all time able and capable former all time favourite defender and former captain of the Indomitable Lions Rigobert Bahanag SONG!!!..has decided to take up the responsibility as team manager. I was disappointed to learn that Roger Miller did not approve of his appointment. Pourquoi? As the first other of business, he had the whole team sign a moral contract to put the success of the team as a priority ahead of any other personal career ambitions....Good Job Song. Thanks for taking this position and I hope the players give you the respect that you deserve. We have talented and qualified candidates in Africa who can take up these leadership positions instead of the foreigners we always try to bring in to fix our problems.

 Am sick and tired of seeing African teams hire European men as their team managers and coaches, paying them ridiculous amounts of money.
Lavgne, french, current Cameroon soccer coach. Photo credit to le journal

Enough! with the mental slavery. Its been over 50 Years.Get over it. We all bleed blood and shit the same way in the toilet.
Below is the list of our players. All except for the goalkeeper play professionally abroad. This is scary as most players with international contracts usually place their European careers paramount to their national obligations. And we all wonder WHY Zambia won with their local players who played with bravery, courage and passion.
Missing in action for various reasons I don’t want to even waste my time and energy typing about are Benoit Assou-Ekotto, Jean II Makoun, Benoit Angbwa, Samuel Eto’o  and Enoh Eyong .

Goal Keeper: Loïc Feudjo from Cotton Sport Garoua is our only JJC . Goodluck!!!!!
1. Nkoulou Nicolas (Olympique de Marseille - France)
    2. Aboubakar Vincent (AS Valenciennes - France)
    3. Bedimo Henri (Montpellier - France)
    4. Bienvenu Henri Ntsama (Fenerbache - France)
    5. Bong Gaetan (Valenciennes - France)
    6. Chedjou Aurelien (Lille - France)
    7. Choupo Moting Eric (Mayence - Allemagne)
    8. Feudjou Aurelien (Cotonsport - Cameroun)
    9. Kameni Carlos Idriss (Malaga - Espagne
    10. Kana Biyik Jean Armel (Rennes - France)
    11. Kweuke Leonard (Sparta – Rép. Tchèque)
    12. Mandjeck  Georges (Auxerre - France)
    13. Matip Joel (Schalke 04 - Allemagne )
    14. Moukandjo Benjamin (AS Nancy - France)
    15. Ndy Assembe Guy (AS Nancy - France)
    16. Nguemo Landry (Bordeaux - France)
    17. Nounkeu Dany (Gaziantespor - Turquie)
    18. Nyom Allan (Grenade - Espagne )
    19. Salli Edgar (Monaco - France)
    20. Song Alexandre (Arsenal - Angleterre)
    21. Zoua Jacques (Bale - Suisse)
    22. Mbia Stéphane (Marseille - France)

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