The Year of The African Engineers

All the rumors and gossips about the trans-sahara rail road project in Cameroon are finally coming to life with press releases of construction plans by the Ministry of Economics Emmanuel Nganou Djoumessi
cameroon map
Africa Review writes that Cameroon is finally getting involved with the project with a plan to create about 600,000 jobs! to handle the $30 billion rail project!
All my Cameroonian engineering graduates  and etc abroad and…..If there was ever a better time to find yourself a job in Cameroon, this is the time! Please go home and get these contracts!
The trans-Sahara rail road project  plans to connect Nigeria, Cameroon, Angola, Chad, DRC, Afrique Centrale, Guinea Ecuatorial and Gabon. According to Africa Review, the Economic Minister of Cameroon predicts the project’s time frame to be 2012-2020. If you look at the map above, Cameroon is one of the major connecting points with 4 different highways  going through the Far-North, South, East and West provinces. This is a great economic opportunity for the country. With all our geographical advantage as a country we should have been a more successful economic force in Africa than what we are today.  President Biya, this is your legacy. A failed economic system because not just are the leaders corrupt and greedy but the government does nothing to support private business who are trying to stimulate the economy
With the balant display of corruption across Africa by its elected and not so elected leaders…I pray and hope to God that for ONCE in their life time, they put the interest of all Africans across all borders and spend the money on this rail road project! If anything…this is their chance to have 1 positive legacy of their presidency!
  2020…Hmmm will I live to see this train dream become a reality? will I, in 2030 when am 45 years old …be able to catch a train from Yaoundé my home town in Cameroon to  Tripoli in Libya with my children, to show them and tell them about the rise and fall of one of Africa’s most controversial leaders Muhammad Muammar Gaddafi?
May the almighty God and the spirits of our ancestors help us.

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