February 9, 2012

U.S.A Cameroon Embassy Eviction Notice

According to Fox News, Harvard who is the landlord of the Cameroon Embassy wants them evicted because they have an outstanding balance in over due rent.

You can read more about this debacle HERE
This I believe is the embassy on "embassy quatier" in DC

This is the one they've been renting from Harvard while the other is supposedly other timeless construction and renovation.

What an embarrassment. Its bad enough Cameroon's government leaders are squandering off the state's money and enabling their families to enjoy lavish lifestyles all over Europe. But to be so greedy as not to care about the state of their embassies abroad? Come on now. I've had the pleasure of meeting the ambassadorB C Foe Atangana on more than one occasion. He seems to be a reasonable diplomat. I wonder what the break down in communication is. Perhaps language? Seeing as most Cameroon government officials are francophones who don't speak a lick of English and we are suppose to be a Bilingual country. I can't even remember the last time President Biya gave a speech in English if nothing more but to show solidarity with the Anglo-Cameroonians. Are they unaware of this debt or just turning a blind eye to it.. or as as usual, have squandered the money originally allocated to take care of this bill?

Bienvenue monsieur et mademoiselle, to doing business with irresponsible Africans. LOL.C'est pire qu'un cauchemar

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