February 7, 2012

Show me the CFAs

I have read numerous reports on this issue and still no one seems to be able to answer my question.
Where is the money seized from African dictators by the west?
-The cars
-hundreds of Bank Accounts with money all over Europe  frozen
- The mansions…
At some point  I believe all these asserts have to be converted into liquids be it through auctions and what not…
WHAT ORGANISATION/PROGRAM ensures that these MONNIES make it back to the coffers of the countries from which the corrupt dictators stole? There seem to be no transparency and as far as I am concern. French politicians are a bunch of thieves..kettles calling the pot black. They enable and allowed these presidents to put money in their bank systems and now seize them in the name of what? preventing corruption? gimme a break.
what a bunch of B.S

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